Training mat suggestions

Not for the bike, but for a “workout room”, let me explain.

We just moved into this house less than 2 years ago. It has a large “bonus” room that we were planning on making into a sort of movie room. We are about half way there but my wife also likes to use the room with the big screen to work out in, the only issue is that it is carpeted and I’m afraid the constant use of using rollers and such on the floor is going to prematurely wear out the carpet. So we bought a bunch of the workout mat tiles that you put together (all together it was about 6’x8’) and on the surface it worked for static things (it was a great place for me to stretch after a bike workout) and certainly protected the carpet but any type of dynamic movement causes the mat to move/slide across the carpet which isn’t ideal and a bit unsafe.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good workout mat that wont slide across carpet with movement? I’m thinking something heavier and/or grippier but I’d rather hear from some real world recommendations rather than throwing the “parts” cannon at the room.

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Wahoo Kickr mat, or a good, heavy yoga mat

Three ideas:

Make the mat big enough to end at the walls, so it can’t move

Buy some of the rubber grid stuff you put under rugs so they don’t slide.

Take the carpet out, put ‘workout’ tiles down on the whole floor, then have a roll-out carpet for when you actually use it for a movie night. Because realistically one of you will be working out in there every day, but you’ll only have movie nights now and then. Plus I’d have a home gym over a movie room anyday…


I got the Elite Training Mat as a present. Nice thing but nothing a normal cheap rubber mat you can get anywhere would not do. I would not buy it and get some noname stuff instead.


thanks, I was contemplating to get one

I got some basic indoor gym pads on Amazon, it was like six square pads for 30-$40

That actually was my wife’s thought after she looked at my KICKR mat. It would probably be good for at least the rolling and stretching. Probably too small for anything where she needs to move around a lot but thats not really the problem we are trying to solve, it’s the foam rolling that takes a toll on the rig.

Hmm, hadn’t thought about the rubber grid stuff, thanks. I probably have enough extra tiles to stretch across the room but I’ll have to see if it passes the WAF as it would eliminate any walkway to the other side of the room.

As for taking out the carpet, it crossed my mind. I actually wanted to rearrange the room and make the back half it’s own area with the sectional and a really big screen and all my AV stuffs and then make the front half of the room the workout area with it’s own (current) tv. Then the two halves of the room shall never meet. :wink: unfortunately the wife looked at me like I was crazy when I said we could rip out carpet for the workout side of the room. I think part of that is this room will also be multi purposed as a kids play room eventually.

Thanks similar to benmcduffs idea above. Right now she is using a thick workout mat she has but it’s not ideal for rolling as its too soft and thick. I think if I could find a mat like my KICKR mat but a little larger that would probably work for most of our concerns.

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If you’re looking to preserve the carpet, what about a sheet of 1/2" plywood with the grid tiles stuck on via spray adhesive. Finishing the edges is up to you, but there’s plenty of ways to do that cleanly.

It’s going to make a big enough base to spread the weight and not dig into the carpet, plus it will be more stable than just foam mats on carpet on pad on hardfloor.