Skip interval option?

Is there a way to skip an interval? I had 7x5’ on the menu today, and before the last one, my legs were pretty cooked, not able to finish, but I did want to do some cool down spinning, is it possible to skip ahead in a WO to the cool down? (im using an ipad)


I would lower the intensity % and keep spinning and consider that part of the cooldown.


Yup or if you are using a smart trainer just switch out of ERG and into resistance mode and ignore the target.


yeah, thats what I did, but thought there may be a built in option somewhere that I missed

We did receive a feature request for an ‘Interval Skip’, but its not a feature we have on our roadmap quite yet, unfortunately.
Until then, the easiest way to skip the interval entirely (if you don’t want to just reduce the intensity as suggested above), is just to scrub forward in the workout. :v:

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There is a ‘Scrub’ function that allows movement forward or backward in workouts:


Thanks, that will do the trick (assuming my legs get worked over again)

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And then there are those times when it’s not effort but in fact TIME that is in question. I’d like to skip the second ILT phase so I can do the rest of the workout, but it cannot be skipped. As such I end up dropping a more intense part of the workout so I can make that meeting at 8 AM.


I vote for a skip interval feature, it would be great for many use cases

  1. When you want to skip with recover or shorten the recovery intervals
  2. When gassed as the original person mentioned and skip a high intensity interval
    Zwift has this feature and I myself would love to have it on PC, Mac, iPhone and android app.
    Maybe on PC and Mac the right arrow key and then have a confirmation popup appear to confirm and allow user to hit space bar to confirm??

This way you don’t have to pause the workout and fumble with the mouse curser to move to the desired location


It is so natural, you can skip interval using tab almost everywhere :sweat_smile: