Feature Request - shorten recovery period

There are times in the recovery interval where I find myself getting cold and wishing that I could move to the next interval. I have been known to just start the next interval ahead of time (especially if I’m short of time), but it really messes with the analysis. Eg: Log In to TrainerRoad
Would it be possible to have a button like the “extend cool-down” or “extend warm-up” button that would allow a user to cut the recovery period a little short?
I appreciate that there are rides where you need every second (and then some) of recovery, but if you are getting cold with a few minutes of easy spinning before you start working again, how much benefit are you going to get from those minutes?

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In the iOS app (and possibly the other apps, I don’t know because I only ever use the iOS app) you can scrub forward and back on the lower workout profile screen. So, for example, if you have 2 minutes to go in a recovery interval and you want to skip ahead you can use your finger to scrub ahead to a few seconds before the next interval starts. I think this was a beta release at first, but I believe its been rolled out to the non-beta version at this point.


I use the Android app, and I don’t think you can do that, but I’ll try it next time. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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I scrubbed the other day on iOS.

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You’ll need to pause the workout then touch & drag the yellow vertical line on the upper graph (at least that’s the way it occurs on iOS - by iOS, I mean on my phone).


Full Scrub Info:


Thanks for posting that info. I didn’t know you could go backwards. I need this to extend recovery, not shorten it. :grin:

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