Skin itching and chewing-tongue on trainer, what is wrong with me?

I’ve looked a bit on the Googler and can’t find any leads, not sure if I need to get to a doctor or not. When I’m on the trainer and doing something hard like over-unders, my body itches all over and I have the incessant urge to scrape my tongue with my teeth.

Now, I’ve been to an allergy doctor and it appears there is nothing in my home I’m allergic to, only ragweed and grass pollen. I don’t think I get this when riding outside, but I also have a wildly different environment outside and may not realize these same sensations. Any thoughts on what’s wrong with my body?

Could be a sweat allergy.

Or maybe your body is just getting back at you for abusing it.

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You might be experiencing cholinergic urticaria or exercise induced urticaria. Although there is usually a rash associated with this it can also manifest with itchy tingling skin.

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I second the notion that this is an urticarial reaction. Try a Xyzal 5mg or Zyrtec 10mg tablet about half an hour before your workout.

my husband has rashes & itchy skin on the legs and on belly for 5 years, he went through all kind of skin tests and taking different medicines but stills having it. Recently, he said that every night while doing dishes (about 2 hrs after having dinner) he starts having rashes and itchy and thought that it causes by the dry stuff in our open pantry. Sounds crazy huh!?! does anyone has same kind skin allergy that would like to share. Many thanks in advance.

I think that it doesn’t matter how mild it might seem a doctor is always the best bet. It might be an allergic reaction and prolonged repeated exposure can cause some serious complications.
I think that in this case you should check in with your dermatologist or in case if you don’t have one you should totally get one haha.
I have had a dermatologist since I was 15 since I had acne and not the light kind. I had zits the size of Grand Canyon and they would all be filled with puss. I looked like a monster. So I started looking for the best dermatologist near me so that in case of emergencies I could just go to their office directly. I got lucky and actually ended up with a decent doctor who managed to get my acne under control. It took a lot of work from both of us but I am fairly clear skinned now. I visit her whenever I have a weird rash or something and she has saved me countless times. So yeah I think you should have a talk with a dermatologist.

I have local grass allergies among others and I find that when Im sweating hard, or even just working out hard, it makes me more susceptible to the effects. They seem to linger afterward for a while too.

just my .02.

Could it be some eczema exacerbated by the cold that is cracking and itching?