Tingling feeling in fingers during intervals

Hi all. I just finished Avalanche Spire +1 this evening (GB Mid week 3). Towards the end of the over-unders, I started to get a tingling sensation, like pins-and-needles, in my 4th and 5th fingers of my left hand.

I’ve had this a couple of times before and I assume it is linked to nutrition; a lack of glycogen or carbohydrate in my blood stream. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this doing me any harm?

I remembered a podcast a long time ago (2016?) where someone was experiencing tingling teeth, is this similar?

It may be positional, was it a tough workout and were you maybe tensed up around the shoulders and putting a lot of pressure though your hands?


I’d look at your positioning first. This is the dermatome (area of sensation supplied by one nerve) of the Ulnar nerve. The nerve courses on the medial side of your elbow, through your forearm, and enters the hand near the bony protrusion on the pinky side of your hand.


I get what I think your describing in my left hand sometimes. I’ve wondered about going to the doctors but it’s very sporadic and I’m terrible for going to the doctors.

Ive always thought it might be something nerve related and due to positioning so that picture is very helpful - I broke my collar bone on my left side years ago and had pain / issues on that side ever since so I’ve assumed I end up in a position that causes it sometimes

Raise the front wheel up a bit.


I get similar issues if curl my neck up instead of extending the neck forward. Get it more on road than on the trainer especially if windy and been dropping my chest down to near bars.

Maybe worth setting up a camera side on whilst you train. If it happens note the time and check the video for positional patterns.

As other say it might be wrist/hand related, that could be too much weight on hands.

Are you wearing a watch on your left wrist while on the trainer?

If you are it might be on a bit to thight

And/or make a fit adjustment: saddle down/back and handlebars up/closer (rotate back around bottom bracket). All these changes, including the raising of the front wheel, shifts the bodyweight a bit back towards the seat.

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Some really interesting responses - what a fantastic forum. I hadn’t considered the position element, bit during the day I’ve had a bit of tenderness along the bottom of my whole arm which links into the pressed nerve idea.

Will modify how I hold the bars during my next session and see what happens.