Ski apparel for skinny cyclists!

Need some help from my fellow cyclists! After cycling for a bit now, I’ve lost a bunch of weight and would qualify myself as standard roadie build, I’m 6’ 3" / 75 in / 190cm, 165lbs / 75kg and I’m really struggling to find pants and jacket that fit my height, and don’t flap around like I’m in a 90’s hip hop music video…

I really want bib pants, I was eying the flylow baker, and the new backcountry / flylow mill D pant, and bought the Mill D pant in a medium tall, but was swimming at the waist. I’m gonna try a small, but fairly convinced they’ll be too short. My measurements roughly are, Inseam: 33/34, Waist: 31/32

Anybody got any recommendations?!