Canyon CF SL - Sizing

Hi there,

2nd post from me today - was wondering if anyone on here rides a Canyon CF SL and how tall / what their inseam is ?

Canyon has a calculator which recommends me a small which i was shocked by.

i am 70.5 in (179cm) and INSEAM 31in (79cm)

any reference or opinions and experience sincerely welcome!

thank you in advance!


I have a canyon inflite and was also worried it was wrong. I would Make sure you do the measurements a couple times and have someone help you. Seriously having someone helping can make a big difference.
I am pretty tall (6’3”) and my inseam pretty long. I was in between large and XL, after having my wife help me a couple times remeasure. We did about 5 measurements and I went with what they suggested and the bike fits like a glove!

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thank you!

when you say ‘re-measure’ do you mean height and INSEAM ?

with inseam did you use sit bones ?

thank you very much btw!

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The inseam and height should be measured a few times to re assure accuracy. I had someone make sure the tape measure was actually straight and not crooked, which could cause some inaccuracies.
They have a really great return policy so if you don’t like it after 60 days, you can send it back.
So far the bike is amazing and I haven’t had any problems at all.

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I am similar measurements and recently bought a size S Canyon and it fits well. I typically ride a 54 or M in other brands and was surprised by a small as well. All bike sizing isn’t created equal :man_shrugging:t2:


Hi I’m also 179 but with inseam 82 and you are the only one person with my height but smaller inseam… Most of brands recommending L for our heights but S for our inseam. I don’t ride Canyon but I moved from specialized recommended 56 (L) to 54 (M) and everything went better so I would suggest to take smaller frame.

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I’m also a 31" inseam and have 2 x Canyon small cf frames so I’d say S should be spot on for you.

Size up for Italian, size down for German!

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I ride a Canyon Endurace, and like you was a little surprised at their sizing recommendations for an S (my previous bike was a 54). But my understanding is that

I had a professional fit done just after I got it, and the frame sizing was spot on. The fitter recommended swapping the installed 100mm stem for a 90mm, and I had no problems swapping this over with Canyon (including the additional integrated handlebars that I purchased). Canyon policy is to work with you to get the fit right, and will pretty much swap anything (up to and including the whole bike) in the 1st 60 days.

I agree with the suggestions of measuring twice, and getting someone to help you - ensures you are standing straight, the tape measure is positioned correctly, etc.

Interesting i have a 56 old Cube and recently got a Giant M Gravel bike which i much prefer … so maybe as you said i should just adhere to the Canyon website’s recommendations…


brilliant to hear - thank you so much!

awesome great info - the more i ride my 56 i feel it has always been too big!

thank you so much for your feedback - invaluable!

I recently got a Canyon Endurace CF SL. I’m 6’ 4" 34" inseam. I used their sizing app which told to get a Large. I would have guessed XL all day but the large fits me perfect.

I found this website to be a great tool and sanity check. Https://

It has geometry data for a ton of bikes by size and can compare bikes side by side. I pulled up my old bike and even though I was moving from a race to an endurance frame, I could see the key dimensions would work. After playing with this, I could see Canyon sizing runs on the big side, My L Canyon was comparable to my 61 cm Trek.

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I actually went from a M Giant to the new Canyon in S and it’s been great. Doesn’t feel too small by any means. Might be worth going to and putting both bikes in to compare.

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interesting !

yes i have been - although i always find it hard to know how that may feel. but thank you for your feedback - might i ask you height and inseam?

yes thank you! i live on that site since @mcneese.chad enlightened me!

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