Skewer for Magnus Disc Bike

I’ve upgraded my trainer from a Cycleops Magnus to a Hammer and I’m selling the Magnus to a relative. I used the Magnus with a 9 speed Cannondale rim brake bike and the relative has an 11 speed Trek Domane with disc brakes. I’m wondering if he can use the skewer that came with the Magnus or will he have to get some other kind of skewer. Also, can I use an outdoor skewer on my Hammer?

  1. He should verify if he has the older open dropout with a standard skewer. I can’t remember if they ever did Domane models with that 9mm x 135mm standard.
  • most likely, it is the 12mm x 142 thru axle. If so, he will need the following axle (or similar ones from other brands).

Saris used to offer 2 thru axle adapters, a 142mm and 148mm length. For some reason, the 148 is the only one listed in the options. Could be an error as they are dealing with the Cycleops > Saris name change.

  1. Yes, you can use your existing skewer. But I suggest get a regular trainer skewer that is stronger and can stay on the trainer.

Thanks! I’ll let him know; his Domane is from 2018.

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Ok, then it’s a 12 x 142 for sure.