Saris H3 question - quick connect?

So I had a question I cant find the answer to. When i watched @GPLama video he had to get a wahoo thru axel to get the bike on there.

Does everyone have to do this or can you put your bike on there? I am thinking of getting this with the 25% off and selling my snap to fund it.

I have a trek emonda alr 5 non disc and have the wahoo skewer in there currently. First time possibly going direct drive so checking as this one seems tricky possibly.

The issue with the Hammer models and thru axles has to do with the trainer body and some thru axle handles that interfere with it and prevent full attachment.

  1. TA handles that pivot like an old quick release skewer are fine.

  2. TA handles that allow a ‘lift and reset’ rotary function are fine. These can be turned and reset to avoid the trainer body.

  3. TA handles that are fully locked and can’t rotate may clash with the trainer body.

  4. TA models that require a tool to install are also fine and are one solution (along with 1 or 2 above) to fix the problem in 3 above.

So @mcneese.chad I need to buy this as I am assuming it does not come with it? If I didn’t buy it what are alternatives besides another trainer like the Neo or what am I missing? Thanks

In general, with thru axles on trainer, you use the very same one that is in the bike to hold the rear wheel on. Nothing new or different to buy.

But, the Hammer case sticks out on the handle side enough that a fixed handle style TA (#3 above) will hit the trainer and not mount fully.

The real question is what style thru axle lever you have on your bike?

Maybe you can take a pic so we can see?

@mcneese.chad I can but will have to be later as I am almost to work. Here is a link to the bike I have which I hope helps and thanks again.

Based on gplama video and what you said some bikes need this to connect or maybe not as you can just use your trainer skewer?

OK I see you edited you original post to add your bike and in particular the fact that its standard quick release (not thru axle).

  1. The H3 does not ship with a trainer skewer or thru axle skewer.
  2. For your bike that is the standard quick release, you will need to buy a skewer like this one.
  1. Ignore thru axle issues. They do not matter until you want to put a modern disc brake bike on there.

See if this video helps at all.


My apologies for not adding my bike originally. You are awesome and thanks. I have a quick release and that works perfectly.

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@mcneese.chad, this is the issue I have with my hammer. I have a Trek Domane SL6 with a locked thru axle handle and it doesn’t tighten the axle on the right side (nothing like climbing the Alpe d’Zwift and nearly falling off the bike). Is there a longer thru axle that can’t be used or is it a fatal flaw with the H3? I got mine as a Christmas gift and would hate to send back

About the easiest is to get a different Thru Axle. You can get one with no handle that needs a tool for installation. Or get one with a movable handle that can clear the trainer body.

Note, you need to get exactly the right length and thread pitch so it fits your bike. If in doubt, best to go to your local shop for help. You may also find the related info marked on the axle itself.

Tool version from Bontrager: