CycleOps Magnus / M2

I’m considering going back in to the world of smart trainers but on a tight budget.

DC Rainmaker recommends the Cycleops Magnus which is now called the M2. The M2 is retailing at £429, the Magnus can be picked up for £269.

I’ve no problem going with an older model if the specs remain basically the same. Although I have a Wahoo BOLT I also currently have a Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro 2 (dumb) trainer, I’m a fan of both brands.

The KICKR Snap is £499 which is too much.

Has anyone got experience of the Magnus and / or the M2?

(FYI - I have a powermeter as well)

There is very little difference between the Magnus & M2. If you can get an original Magnus at a good deal, That would be my choice. I have a Magnus and have loaned it to a friend for extended use. He likes it and it the tied for the best wheel-on trainer (Kickr Snap), IMHO.

The flywheel is not as heavy as I would like, but it is more than sufficient for good training.


I’ll add a +1 for the Magnus. I use it as my smart trainer, and it gets the job done. If you can snag it for the price you quoted, it’s a no brainer!


If you can get the Magnus at that price. Grab it and run err I mean grab it and ride.

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Thanks for the speedy replies, just need to work on my sales pitch to my better half now.

I need this turbo because…

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Sales pitch went well. :slight_smile: