CycleOps Magnus / M2

I’m considering going back in to the world of smart trainers but on a tight budget.

DC Rainmaker recommends the Cycleops Magnus which is now called the M2. The M2 is retailing at £429, the Magnus can be picked up for £269.

I’ve no problem going with an older model if the specs remain basically the same. Although I have a Wahoo BOLT I also currently have a Cycleops Jet Fluid Pro 2 (dumb) trainer, I’m a fan of both brands.

The KICKR Snap is £499 which is too much.

Has anyone got experience of the Magnus and / or the M2?

(FYI - I have a powermeter as well)

There is very little difference between the Magnus & M2. If you can get an original Magnus at a good deal, That would be my choice. I have a Magnus and have loaned it to a friend for extended use. He likes it and it the tied for the best wheel-on trainer (Kickr Snap), IMHO.

The flywheel is not as heavy as I would like, but it is more than sufficient for good training.


I’ll add a +1 for the Magnus. I use it as my smart trainer, and it gets the job done. If you can snag it for the price you quoted, it’s a no brainer!


If you can get the Magnus at that price. Grab it and run err I mean grab it and ride.

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Thanks for the speedy replies, just need to work on my sales pitch to my better half now.

I need this turbo because…

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Sales pitch went well. :slight_smile:



My Magnus developed a fault so I’m sending it back. Does anyone know how to remove the unit from the stand for packing purposes?

I’m assuming it wasn’t attached when I bought it :slight_smile:

sorted it :slight_smile:

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Good deal, for those that wondered, just reverse the assembly steps from the instructions:

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Thank you, it was the bolt that I needed to removed to separate the unit from the base. Been a while.

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Wondering if anyone on this thread has run into an issue with the magnus/m2 that has a load clanking noise. I have done (3) rides so far this season and I have had it on all three. It is not my drivetrain, when I freewheel goes away. I thought might have been wheelset, but they are literally about 100 miles on them and trued right before trainer tire installed. Also, on my last ride the noise went away after about 45 minutes or so, like maybe the unit got warmed up and then it was fine.
Any ideas or suggestions. I emailed the support at Cycleops/Saris but all I got back was the standard we are too busy due to covid reply.

Never had any issues with mine until it just died suddenly.