How to put a new disc bike on old bike trainer?

I saw the bike shop for trek cut the old quick release off for the trainers, but one of my sides isn’t working. For some reason the side that “clamps” down doesn’t want to go in. The other end works for either side. Not sure why there is an issue…

Do I need to get another one, cut it so I have two working sides? How are you guys doing it?

Trainer is the Cyclops Fluid 2 if it matters.

Sorry for the dumb question.

Might help to provide some pictures of the bike and axle. I’m confused by the “cut the old…” comment.

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Dont forget to use a brake block for the caliper

and you may end up needing this…

the shop took an old quick release for the rear wheel and cut off each end. I tried that for my specialized sl6 and it didn’t work. Granted I only messed with it for like 2 mins before having to leave the house.

I certainly don’t want to spend $50 for something from Saris…Thanks Sailsmaker!

Thanks! That is expensive!

I agree $$ but how expensive is it if something cobbled together fails while you are doing over/ unders or sprinting ?

Glad I could help in your journey

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