Route Profile Stickers

New here so apologies if this topic has been brought up before. Wondering if anyone is aware of an easy way (or resources) to generate good looking route profile stickers (for races, longer rides, etc.). Below is an example that I’ve seen. Thanks!

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That looks like a professionally prepared one, but you can pretty easily make a simple one as long as you have a GPS trace of the course through Strava, RWGPS and other sources.

For Leadville for example find a route (double and triple check that it is an accurate route) it is likely a long event is providing one (but also not a guarantee it is accurate) and just screenshot the elevation profile.

Then I just mark the aid stations on there with a line and keep it real simple. You can add lines or even text markers with any basic software, Paint, Preview in Mac, Word, PPT to any legitimate editing app. I’ve always printed on normal paper and used clear packaging tape to secure it to the bike and from the elements. If you have access to a laminator that works too, but unnecessary. It may take some trial and error to get the size right.

I’ll usually keep the information very minimal, cutting even any of the labels since its just a nice reminder that an aid is coming up over the hill, or that I’ve already done most of the work. Would add color though, gotta keep it looking fresh.


Easiest way I’ve used is a wide strip of masking tape, with details written on in pencil (so rain-proof)

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