Simple multi user setup on single trainer?

I want to introduce wife to indoor trainer for general fitness purposes. I want to start her on an erg mode so that there is some variation beyond just riding at a set resistance etc…also want it to be fairly simple for her to set the seat and set up herself and go. I don’t want to get her a TR subscription until I know she is going to stick with it.

Suggestions on software? Hardware is a Wahoo kicker and permanent bike connected with ipad or iphone. She has apple watch for tracking heart rate or a polar strap. Watch probably easier.

TrainerRoad 30 day free trial? I’m thinking of doing the same for my wife if she wants to try the trainer this winter (treadmill is doing the trick now since she can still get out for bike rides after work).

Edit: I mean try it for 30 days and request a refund if it doesn’t work for her

Yes thought of just setting her up and can cancel if she doesn’t stick to it…but at most she will do it to start once or twice a week…because she plays tennis and does other stuff…so its kind of overkill. I was hoping for some basic trainer control apps that could be free… Will do some searching. Vision is she can use my ipad that is always on a tripod by the trainer, start her app and go while not messing with mine :slight_smile:

Totally, I’m in the same position. Shame Wahoo doesn’t offer any basic workouts in the Wahoo app that can be done in erg, or any way to make the app control the trainer.

I’m considering getting my wife a Garmin watch and creating workouts on that, and having it control the trainer.

Wahoo RGT offers a limited, free version.

In Zwift, people can get 25km of free riding each month.

TrainerDay offers a free version, and even their paid version is only $3.99/mo.


I’d forgotten about trainer day. Will start with that for my wife, I think.

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I think I will start with TrainerDay as well. Thanks!
Lets report back here on how it goes :slight_smile:

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Golden Cheetah is totally free and you can use it to control the trainer. It’s clunky, but again, it’s free😁

Clunky not likely to get me over the “really its easy and kinda fun” hurdle.

  • This is key. Unless she has a history of doing workouts as “workouts” in the past, stuff like TR, TrainerDay and such seem like a place I would not start a new rider/trainer user.

  • I know Zwift & RGT aren’t for everyone, but they are generally accessible and enjoyable by far more “casual” riders I know. They are just more engaging than following a structured workout, unless that is something from their prior history in cycling or other sports.

good points. Thanks.

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Biggest question:

Does she want to do this? Your post says a lot of ‘I want her to….’

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I’m not a masochist. She says she wants to “ride the trainer thingy”. So “I want her to have an easy/painless introduction to it”. “I want to use what I know about my own experience to help her start”.

This is different than “I want her to do housework naked” or “I want her to make my fav cookies every friday”.