Cooling off a hot garage

Had Bashful +2 yesterday and the only time I had to get the ride in was in the late afternoon which is peak temp time here in Nor Cal at the moment.

I’ve got a temp gauge in the garage and it was 84 when I started. I had one Lasko fan plus another regular fan running and despite that I totally overheated on the ride. I ended up bailing on the final set of intervals just because I was way too hot.

Anyone else train in conditions like that? I ordered a 2nd Lasko but am wondering if a portable AC unit is worth it as well.

I don’t train in the afternoon (although I do live in NorCal and know exactly what you’re talking about… and our garage doesn’t cool off as much in the summers as it does in the winters either). But we bought one of those portable AC units last year because of how our place is designed… we have AC, but the house fan is too small for the house, and the air doesn’t circulate very well. The two front bedrooms (our offices) get quite warm, particularly on the 90+ days. We finally gave in and got the portable AC unit, and I think you’d find it to work pretty well to cool your garage. Turn it on maybe 30-45 min before your session and it will help keep the temp down. But that’s just conjecture based on our experience in our offices. Maybe someone has actual workout experience.

You could find a portable AC, and insulate the garage doors.
If you put the AC near the fans the cold air will probably cool you off enough.

Also, remember it could be worse. It could be a garage in Florida. :laughing:


Some tips here are worth review:

yesterday afternoon I saw your ride on Strava, nervously laughed in NorCal empathy, then went outside in the 95 degree heat and rode for 2 hours… See you took it easier today with Pettit +1 at 12:30pm LOL. Your side of town is hotter than my side of town…

I’m up and working at 6am so very few morning rides on my calendar. My solution starting a year ago - switch to off-season training in June. Focus on weight lifting three times per week, and my legs are so fried that all I can do is zone2 along with some zone3 muscle tension intervals.

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My basement (in New England) has been in the upper 70s lately, no idea about humidity but it’s been generally humid here recently. I have 2 lasko pro units and a lasko cyclone and I recently started using a couple of cycling caps to absorb head sweat. I’m doing SSB2 HV and I think I may be getting adapted as far as HR goes, RPE is still a bit high given the conditions.

We have a portable AC unit I’ve used in the past but last year it started making a ton of noise and I’m not sure it’s really that effective other than taking the edge off a bit so I’m not sure it’s worth the effort and energy to keep running. Not sure how much embracing the conditions is beneficial but I’m trying to see the summer training indoors as a way to get better in less optimal conditions

Tomorrow is Avalanche Spire. Thankfully schedule is clear around 10:30 so should be ok.

also FWIW one of my last (already heat adapted) interval sessions was 3x10 intervals at 90-92% (sweet spot). Heart rate was almost “normal” versus Jan/Feb when its 55-65 degrees in garage. However EG is gateway to delta so although it was 86 degrees that day, was doing them into a 11mph gusting 20mph headwind. Even yesterday z2/z3 muscle tension intervals was 95F with 8mph gusting 16mph headwind, but paid the price on the hot tailwind return (dropped down to upper z1).

dhellman is in hotter part of the bay area so I’d go with her portable AC recommendation if the 2nd Lasko doesn’t resolve the issue.

Was at Home Depot this morning and they smartly had a whole area full of portable AC units right by check out. Got me thinking…

That’s impressive on the adaptation. My HR was about 8-10 beats higher then normal yesterday. It usually recovers very quickly after an interval as well, but yesterday it stayed high through the entire rest interval. Knew I would’t make it through the workout early on, but happy I got 2/3’s of it in.

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I am and its horrible.

Trainer season ended for me a month ago. It gets to where its like riding in a convection oven with fans, AC, etc.


I use one in Indiana. What I am doing this year is opening the garage in the am to cool it off (faces West and gets hot in the pm). Last year I ran the ac all night trying to cool it for the early ride. This year I am cooling it via open doors and running instead. Then ride in the afternoon.

I also hung a plastic drop cloth to divide the pain cave area from the rest of the garage. Smaller place to keep cool.

Get one that expels the water via the vent vs a drain line. I have had both and the former is MUCH easier to work with.

If you have windows in the garage get a window unit. Much more efficient.


The drop cloth is a cool idea. My cave is in an alcove in the garage so I could easy close it off. Create like a chamber type effect and keep the cool air right where I want it.

Won’t totally address the temp issues, but these might help a bit:

  • Look on amazon for ‘drum fan’ or ‘industrial drum fan’. I got a 24in and it moves 4200 cubic feet / min on high for a full body breeze. It changed my life. RPM is lower than my old box fan so it is not as loud and the sound doesn’t carry through walls.
  • Many years ago I got an Arctic Heat ice vest. It would cool me for about 45min of a trainer ride before I’d toss it on the floor. Pretty expensive now, but wasn’t so bad at the time. The helmet looks interesting too.

I’m in South Florida and the trainer is in the garage. I bit the bullet and had a mini split system installed. Even with 3 fans going, it still wasn’t enough to deal with the humidity. Those of you in a less humid environment could get away with a portable AC or some kind of door/window opening, but here…AC all the way.


Spot cool. Just get a $100 window AC and blow it straight at your face/body.

BTDT in many different situations where I couldn’t cool the whole room. Point the hot air away from you, but don’t lose any sleep over trying to vent it all outside.

I’ve only done it once… My wife now let me train inside on ac.

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you in FLA?

I’m in Nor Cal so not terrible humidity just high temps. Could not imagine dealing with the humidity in the South.

Was a runner back in the day and did a 5k in Georgia in the summer heat/humidity once. Was not a fun experience!

Humidity and temperature have both been brutal in the UK too, over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday was horrible, even with my Lasko on full tilt.

This morning I’m heading outdoors for the prescribed endurance session.

I am going to try chilling my bottles and possibly chilling or freezing a towel. I can then put it on my back or around my neck during recovery intervals.