Sigeyi Power meter?

Keep us posted on how it performs. :+1:t3:

I bought a sigeyi power meter for my gravel bike and it’s been great. I’ve thrown that bike on my trainer to compare power against my saris H3 and the sigeyi consistently reads 1.5-2% higher which is perfectly fine with me.

Like you, I wanted a cheaper alternative and wanted power on my gravel bike and gave sigeyi a try. I have a power2max on my road bike that reads ~1% higher than my saris H3 so I feel confident that all of my power sources are well within the range of consistency and reading similarly.

I am glad so many people have used the information on this thread to purchase an effective power meter at a great price. I purchased my power in January 2020 and it’s still working reliably. I can still count the number of times I have charged it on one hand and I ride 5-7 hours a week. Hopefully, I will be buying another for my hardtail soon.


Just ordered a Sigeyi sram MTB PM yesterday. I’m upgrading cranks on my older Trek procaliber from GXP GX1000 to DUB XX1 at the same time, knocking off 300g. So I’ll be swapping BBs at the same time.

Looking forward to having power outside and spending less time on the trainer.

Guys, can someone help a big dummy please (me)

I have a BB30 SRAM Red 110 BCD 50/34 11 speed crank as pictured

Is it this Sram Red 22 BCD 110 one that i need?

Or this Sram 110 BCD one?

Many thanks,

A big dumbo

I’m not sure, but I’d have said none of the above.

I don’t see where the crank can come apart from the spider on your crankset?


Damn, i think you’re right.

Looks like im limited to pedals or a left sided crank arm.


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I recommend Assioma pedals. They are super reliable and have great rechargeable battery life. Not to mention you can take them from bike to bike since pedal thread are the standard that hasn’t changed every 5 years. The only reason I bought a Sigeyi is power meter pedals are a bad idea for mountain biking. I have hit too many rocks with the Assiomas and someday that might break them.

See GPLama’s power meter reviews on YouTube for whatever you are thinking of buying


that was my exact response…this thing was cheap, pedals arent, and I beat the hell outa my pedals on the mtb. I have no problem rebuilding my SPDs every year or so. Dont really want to open power pedals.

For the price of the sigeyi, ive been totally impressed. Had it almost a year now and other than the initial charge out of the box, ive only recharged it once. I have it calibrated to my wahoo kickr and it seems reliable on the power numbers