Sidi shoes sizing discrepancy?

I’ve recently purchased a pair of Sidi Shot road cycling shoes and am very impressed with them. One thing I’m a little confused about though is an apparent discrepancy in the sizing information shown on the shoe. I purchased a pair of size 42.5. The size on the box states size 42.5, as does the printed information on the tongue of each shoe. However, the outer sole of the shoe is stamped with size 42. I have been told that Sidi use only full sizes for their soles (42, 43, 44, etc.) but go up in half sizes for the uppers (42.5, 43.5, 44.5, etc.). Thus a size 42.5 would have a 42 sole but a 42.5 upper, a size 43.5 would have 43 soles and 43.5 uppers, and so on. Can anyone confirm if this is the case? If it isn’t, is anyone able to shed any light on why my soles say size 42 while the uppers and the box show 42.5? The shoes fit fine but I’m just a little confused by the discrepancy.