Shoe fit and sizing

Just bought two pairs of Giro Cylinder shoes. I bought two, because I was unsure of fit. I typically wear a size 10R in most shoes, but my combat boots are a 9.5R, and my running shoes at a size 10R are almost too small, but the 10.5s are too big. I said all that to say this with these shoes: the 44s are too small, and the 45 are borderline too big. I put the 44s on for the 2-hour boarstone ride, and about 35 mins into the ride, it felt like someone was jamming a needle into my left big toe; however, my right toe was okay. (note: I don’t have an ingrown nail). Am I the only one with this issue? What’s worse: to have a slightly too big shoe instead of slightly too small? I was hoping they’d go in half-sizes, but no such luck. I’m going to try my ramp test tomorrow with the 45s, and looks like I’ll ship the 44s back.

Sounds like 44.5s would work swimmingly

Yes, I agree. These are not offered in half sizes. I’m probably going to send both back and look at a different model that offers half sizing, but I’m finding a lot of shoes are not offered in half sizes.

I have similar issues. I prefer a more aggressive fit and can even struggle with the half sizing w/size diff. between Left and Right foot. I bought the BONT Vayphor S model this season. Like the fit and w/the heat molding I was able to create a little extra room in the toe box that has made all the difference.

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Same thing happened to me on the FIZIK’s. First bought the size 42 and felt my toes bumping on the edge. Using them while riding was fine (including 5+ hrs rides) but walking was a pain. I then got the size 43 instead and fit great but while riding kinda seem a bit large. But definitely more comfortable.

What do you think is better as @kbeers81 pointed out, to have it slightly smaller o larger?

@swin2000 I prefer a more aggressive fit over the one that likely “feels” a bit more roomy. Right or wrong kind of look at them like ski boots. When I raced we wore a very small boot, not comfortable, but it was for performance not comfort. If I go up a half size to 45’s then my right foot has way too much room, I just feel too much energy gets lost in transmission. I’ve been told although I have not confirmed w/Bont, but that you can custom order w/these shoes that being either a complete custom fitted shoe or custom in requesting say could request a 44.7 vs 44.5. At least that is what my lbs says.

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Have you thought about trying a thicker or bigger sole insert to reduce the volume inside the shoe a bit

@jeri534 orthotics have worked in the past. Bont’s dont allow for the orthotics as you essentialy heat mold to increase support and then can wedge, etc under cleat as needed. So your def. correct if went w/a diff shoe can go a half size higher and the orthotic can take some of the extra room, but I still prefer a tighter fit. W/my current set up I feel like I get a better energy transfer pushing and pulling. Will see how it goes.