Fed up with SIDI's look but in need of wide shoes ( Lake)

Currently on a 45 mega with Sidi and 44.5 with my walking shoes. Lake makes some cool looking shoes and I need to get rid of the " Pannolato" look as we call them here in italy.
Browsing around it looks like a 44.5 Lake ( Cx 332) should work out fine . My 45 SIDI feels a bit on the large side for me, not something I don’t like,but SIDI own’s boa and velcro have average efficacy that turns into disconfort too. Yeah maybe I have tall feet too but i hope to read some real life experiences about Lake shoes.

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Nothing to add but I want to follow this.

I’m not sure what your actual question is here.

But if you’re asking for general comments, I switched from Specialized shoes (which felt too narrow for me) to a pair of Lake shoes a few months ago. I have a high instep, which usually requires me to seek wide shoes in order to have sufficient volume. I don’t remember exactly what model I purchased from Lake, but I do know that I measured my feet as carefully as possible and still ended up sending back the first pair I got and sizing up by one full-size more.

I’m finding the Lake shoes very well made and extremely comfortable. Very happy with them.


lake make more version of a wide shoe. They use many wide last for their uppers. So. not all lakes are the same. Its best to go to there website. I have 4 pairs of wide lake shoes. All 4 are wide but the uppers fit different. I also have side mega. Their uppers are all about the same to me.

I only wear lake and sidi wide now.


Give Bont shoes a look. I’ve been through dozens of shoes from all brands and landed on the Bonts for my wide feet. Their last is super comfy and has lots of room in the toebox.


Thanks for the kind replies. Checked out their size charts along with my actual measure and looks like a 45 extra wide model since wide won’t be enough.
I hope quality wise will be on par with Sidi.

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The Lake 202’s are fantastic for wide or slightly odd shaped feet. The front section of the upper is a soft trainer like material, so no feeling of your foot being squished. Sole is stiff enough (I guess if you’re putting out 1800 watts in a sprint you might feel you need more stiffness, but for mere mortals I seriously doubt any stiffer is of real benefit). Single BOA isn’t quite as good as a double, but works well enough.
I have short (size 40) feet that are narrow at the heel and are very wide at the toes - duck shaped feet. The Lake 202’s are perfect for me because the front section is soft and conforms to your foot, rather than your foot having to conform to the shape of the shoe.

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I have Lake CX 332’s in extra wide after having problems with Sidi. As stated Lake makes an actual wide or extra wide sole compared to most other shoes where a wide is mere high volume. The two are not the same. Typically high volume shoes are built on the standard sole and do not provide the support a true wide sole does. Lake also has a fantastic custom program tgat is very cheap to upgrade to and well worth it.

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I would second the Bonts recommendation. Bony on their site has instructions for how to measure your feet to figure out what size should fit. Give that a try

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I have wide-ish feet and I really like my Shimano RC-7 wide size. Not too roomy but just right. I like the double Boa. Mine are a few years old, so I can’t speak to the current gen, but I would start there when I need my next pair.

I went to Lake CX 302’s wide after years of shoes that were straight and not curved (to the inside) like my feet are shaped. They are great. I even have a pair in extra wide that I use for longer rides because my left foot is a lot wider than my right one. My left foot wants to flatten out with rides over 70 miles and causes pain on the outside of my little toe. This along with G8 inserts fixed the issue.

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I love my Lake CX 332s and found their online sizing guide to be spot on!

If you do go this route, two words of caution:

  1. When you measure the length of your foot, be sure to add 5mm to get the right size
  2. The kangaroo leather scuffs easily, so if you use single-sided pedals and use your toe to flip the pedal, do so with caution
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Can you say more about this, please, or share a link to somewhere where one can read more about it? Thanks!

I just bought a pair of the new CX242 shoes in Wide width. I have older Lake shoes (CX238, MX238) and I like those but the new CX242 is more comfortable. They are designed for riders with bunions (which I have) but they also just feel great everywhere. Their construction is unique and highly adjustable.

The various Lake models have differently shaped lasts so I asked their tech support and they helped me choose the right ones (CX Competition Last). Also I got the microfiber ones instead of the leather ones. The leather shoes feel pretty heavy to me once they get soaked if I ride in the rain. And the microfiber versions are quite a bit lighter according to Lake.

I tried on several Bonts in wide fit, and they were wide enough but had reinforcing straps right where my bunions are and that was very uncomfortable. Also they felt uncomfortably stiff and unyielding. However, I haven’t tried the new Vaypor 2023’s and that is a redesigned shoe that might be very comfortable. Bonts can be custom ordered too.

Love Lake! I have struggled for the past couple of years trying to find the right shoe. I ride a SL7 so i really tried to make any and every specialized shoe work but never knew a shoe could feel so good until switching to the Lake CX 403.

If you search around Lake’s website I think you will find what you are looking for. The custom program is a very small upcharge. When I did mine it was only about $15. This allowed me to spec sole style for pedal system (Speedplay) width in my case extra wide. And many options for colors for every part of the shoe. A custom 332 back in 2019 cost me $495. It is slightly more now but if you have any kind of foot issue and a Lake will suit you it is more than worth it. The day I received mine was early June and we were experiencing a heat wave. Temps were up around 103. Right out if the box I set them up and went on a 70 mile ride to test. Zero foot issues, which had never happened before on such a long hot ride. I would usually be in trouble within 2 hours on hot day in Sidi’s. Still pouring on the miles (12k/yr) and they are great. Planning to buy another pair.

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I got a pair of Lakes about 18 months ago after suffering with a various levels of painful in my feet for years. Not felt pain since. Its a combination I think of the shoe being that bit wider which means I don’t have to by a larger size to accommodate my foot width. The longer length then put my cleat position too far forward hence the pain. The Lakes also have a much larger range of for & aft cleat position. Love them. PS I also use G8 insoles with the arch supports set of differently for each foot. In conjunction with the Lakes they really were a game changer for me.

Thank you all, this is going to be a chore. Glad I’ve found my datas from my professional fitting in one of my drawers, hopefully it’ll help.

5mm extra both in width and length?

Is there any way to prevent swallen feet in summer… i don’t have any problems with my feets outside of summer but in summer I have a lot…

I have really wide feet but as I said it is not a problem when is not hot outside…

I have Lake 238 and they are great but also problems in heat…

I can suggest fizik wide also…