Fizik vs Giro Road shoes (fit)

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I’m currently rocking a set of size 42 eu Fizik R3B’s from a couple of seasons ago (kinda look like the new R5B’s for anyone interested) - at the moment I feel the shoe is a little big for me as my foot isn’t stable inside the shoe, despite tightening as much as I can without cutting off circulation.

I’m considering changing shoes and have my eye on the Giro Empire SLX as it is on sale. Would anyone here be able to share their experience of both brands and how the fits differ? I’d like to try the Giro’s on but no shop near me stocks them so it would be a case of ordering online and returning the unsuitable sizes. I’m hoping you guys can help me make an informed decision as to whether Giro’s would be suitable (or an alternative brand) and which size to pick.


If you are happy with the shoe otherwise you might want to consider a different insole. See if you find a retailer of good insoles and take the shoe along…

I have Giro Empire ACC shoes which is very similar to the SLX but slightly heavier shoe. I like them. I have only worn the fizik R1B in my LBS trying shoes on. I did not like the R1B because no matter how tight i got the shoe my heal would move up and down in the shoe which i heard is a problem for some people with fizik shoes. I read that people find the Giro shoes a bit narrow however this is not a problem for me. I did find the shoes a little small for the size and had to return the first pair and went with a half size bigger then you regular shoe size. I have ridden the last two years with them and find them very comfortable for long ride or short intense rides. I don’t race anymore but do fast local group rides. I don’t have problems with the laces. I grew up with laced cycling shoes so i don’t feel that not having the ability to adjust the shoes mid ride with a BOA knob is not a big deal. I am a big guy and don’t seem to notice the sole of the shoes flex at all. If i had to complain about one thing it would be the price of the replaceable heels.


Laces for life!
Like @bholmlate I’ve got the ACC, they’re well broken into and hold very nicely. It’s worth trying the laces because the shoe forms to your foot naturally (once broken into even more). Unlike boa where there’s pockets that aren’t evenly holding your foot… this is a more magnified outlook but just my thoughts. Recently picked up a pair of the factor techlace slowly breaking those in, would recommend the acc over them (surprisingly).


@moshecattan Not to hijack a thread but why do you prefer the ACC over the Techlace? I only ask because I was looking into those as a replacement to my ACC’s when they finally go.

more easily comparable in real-life (side by side) but:

ACC - heel padding (behind the Achilles) goes further towards the tongue but is thinner

Factor Techlace - doesn’t go as far up and is thicker, probably takes longer time to break-in and theres more wiggle room (possibly loss of power transfer)

I feel like the ACC just feel more comfortable and very sock-like whereas the techlace hard more firm shoe-like… it seems the techlace dont close up completely below the boa dial. My ACCs are 2 seasons old so wanted a replacement within the same company so size shoe and cleat placement are easily identical.

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I was super happy with a pair of Sidi Wire (full carbon sole, all the bells and whistles). But they were a size too small so I switched to Fizik Infinito R1. I managed to get a metatarsal joint inflamed in the process due to a combination of insole + shim (3rd party) and the Fizik shoe having a higher arch support.

For my feet, I feel that the Fizik is actually narrower that the Sidi. I have the correct size now in both shoes and I am very comfortable in the Sidi, while Fizik feels tighter. I would suggest that you stick with the brand that works well for you :slight_smile:

Otherwise the Fizik felt really good and a little lighter.

@bholmlate @moshecattan
Guys, thank you both for your input.

I’ve pulled the trigger on ACC’s instead as I found them on a better sale price over the SLX. Decided to try a 41 and 41.5 and return the one that doesn’t fit (assuming one of them does!)

My Fizik’s are a 42 and I’ve also been experiencing my heel lifting out of the pocket like @bholmlate mentioned. They only have one BOA adjustment and I don’t think it’s enough to compensate for a shoe that’s already too big for my feet. I’m hoping with laces I can get a nice wrap around my foot.

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