Narrow & low volume road shoe options (UK) size

Hi all, I currently have size 42 Fizik R5B shoes but they aren’t long enough and the curved sole exterior distorts SPD-SL cleats very slightly making clipping in a pain.
Inside I have the discontinued heat mouldable Shimano custom insoles with medium arch support (size 43, which is same length as original insole).
These insoles take up a little volume and leave volume/width near perfect. My toes however don’t have enough space and I need to size up.

I’ve tried:
Lake CX218 in 44 (which foot measurements suggested should be right but felt baggy)
Giro Empire in 43.5 (too long and way too much volume)
Giro Regime in 43 (too short and still felt baggy)
Fizik Tempo R5 Overcurve (feels like Fizik have changed shoe shape and didn’t get on, felt baggy albeit I didn’t have an aftermarket insole in)

Anyone got any other suggestions?

I keep going back to the old shoes even though toes touch the end - it isn’t the end of the world but I can only wear the very thinnest socks without discomfort and on very hot days when feet swell it can be just too much. I used to rock climb a lot hence half used to the feeling I guess.

I find that shimano shoes cope well with my narrow feet. Wearing RC7s at the moment.

They do sort of scrunch up and look like they are too wide from the outside but feel fine.


Also looking for narrow shoes to replace my old sidi’s. I’m also used to toes touching the front of my shoes because I have a speed skating background.

So far tried:
The specialized s-works 7 in a store (size 43.5), welt great (nice and snug) but the upper felt too thin. Like the boa string was cutting into my foot.

Shimano s-phyre rc9 (size 44). Toes nearly touching the front but even with my thicker custom insole they felt to roomy and not narrow enough.

Old sidi’s are falling apart and still looking…