Sick recovery before gran fondo

Hi guys,

I’ve got a 100km gran fondo coming up next week, unfortunately my prep has been ruined by a cold that turned into a sinus infection. My last decent workout was 1st august and last decent outside ride mid july.

I know the ride is not going to be my greatest, but just wondering what my plan should be in the coming week to make it suck the least? Normally i would taper down but theres not much to taper from!

Part of me is leaning towards a couple of decent endurance rides (90min?) Just to get the legs used to working again?

Just make sure you’re 100% not ill anymore, and just do the ride for fun :slight_smile: If you’re feeling better the days prior, go out and do some easy rides just to spin the legs.


I would definitely stick to z2 efforts to get the legs going again….you can probably go up to 2 hours as long as you keep it strictly in z2.

Adjust your pacing strategy and enjoy the day without the pressure of a “result”.

Good luck!!!