Sick Every Time I Take a Recovery Week

Sorry if already covered.

When you arrive at the recovery week, is that your 4th week? So 3 on and then recover?

I’m wondering if you could try 2 on and 1 recover to see if that makes a difference, sometimes at the en for the 3rd week I’m very tired and can get run down. Are you nailing the end of the final week feeling good?


Yah I’ve read probably a hundred articles on sleep recommendations and basically all of them say the same thing. Not trying to say that 6 hours is a good target. However, I do think that people are different so you can’t make a blanket statement for everyone. Personally, I just have a hard time sleeping more than 6 hours. Even if I go to bed early, non-stressed, not drinking, without anything I need to wake up for, it is often harder to sleep more than 6. 7 at most. Based upon these experiences, I often go to bed later now rather than wake up early morning and get frustrated because I can’t fall back asleep.

Certainly, people should sleep as much as their bodies will allow them to.

This is an idea. I might try three week blocks. I always feel awful in the last week, but maybe that’s me hitting supercompensation. I’ll live with mild cold symptoms if it means I’ll get faster.

I’ve also started tracking my sleep. Last night I got a whopping 7 hours, and I think I’ll make that my new target. Baby steps.

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I can’t claim it was my idea. I think Purple Patch coaching have some plans as 2 weeks on and one week off as by the time the 3rd week hits or most likely the last 4 days you can be very tired and feeling abit toast.

Maybe that suits harder training as you certainly seem to be nailing it during the build phase of the cycle. Hope that will help, if you still get sick then not sure :thinking:.

Also I remember a TR podcast where they mentioned an extra hour a day sleep can equal an extra whole day of sleep over a week

Just came across this article today which talks about people having different circadian rhythms and therefore not all needing the same amount of sleep due to genetics. Worth a read if you’re interested.

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Are you on a training plan with your 10+ hours? I was sick a lot last winter and blame it on to much intensity… this year was great following the medium Plan. So if you are following a plan AND adding intense rides this might make you sick. Zwift racing on top also does tend to have this effect.