Sick 2 weeks - how to adjust plan from plan builder?

I’ve missed 1.5 weeks of workouts and want to keep my plan on track however, I can’t seem make up for the missed workouts with the plan builder. It won’t let me push weeks and I tried to delete the plan and build a new one thinking it would start me where I left off a week ago but it didn’t.

I was getting ready to start build phase 2. Should I delete all plans and add a new build phase 2 in starting next week and then create a plan with the plan builder and tell it my start date is when I started build phase?


Thanks for this detailed reply. I was getting ready to ask almost this exact question. I am going to have trip coming up that will be 16 days. It’s for work. I will probably be able to train in hotel gyms when I am rested and have time. I plan to simply hit 30-60 minutes of aerobic HR training on whatever I can tolerate whenever I am rested. The trip will begin around Week 8 on my Plan Builder that began with SSBLV (Taylor-2 is first workout of that week). I think I’ll be back and able to train at the end of Week 10.

Do you have any other advice for the time off? I’m currently listening to back-episodes of the podcast and understand that my trip (due to work and varying sleep schedule) will have stress effect on my body and thus my training.


@Bryce. Thanks for the previous reply on this. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’m going this season. I have a couple of duathlons that I have since decided to do. How should I incorporate them? Just skip the TR long workout for the week and replace it with the duathlon?

Depending on the priority and intensity of the race, you will do one of the following:

  1. For a low priority and/or lower intensity race, you can just replace the long workout with the duathlon, and then proceed as normal
  2. If the event is a higher priority and/or high stress, you can:
  • Replace the workout prior with a race opener
  • Replace the long workout with the Duathlon
  • Schedule a rest day or active recovery day following the event

I hope this helps!

Is there any update on this? Will the plan builder adjust my plan automatically if I have to skip workouts due sickess or something else?

I know if I skip one weeks over-unders the next weeks harder ones will be too difficult.

I used to just push the week forward since I didn’t have any races but now if I push with plan builder it will “break” the plan.