Shuttle run and TSS?

So if I use a power meter and do a shuttle run does that show up in my TSS? Or does TrainerRoad not figure that into the metrics? in other words do I need to edit the shuttle out of my ride to get proper TSS?

Shuttle run as in you get off your bike in the middle of a ride, put your trainers on, and run backwards and forwards between some cones before resuming your ride?

If so then the power meter will be at 0 while you’re shuttling and the TR app will autopause, so your TSS will be accurate for the bike portion of the training, but obviously excludes your run. If not then I don’t know what you mean by “shuttle run”!

Shuttle Run as in you ride your mountain bike to the bottom of a hill and put your bike in a pickup truck and drive (Shuttle) to the top of the hill. like said the power meter will read zero during the “shuttle” to the top. ( i forgot to hit the pause button on my garmin)

You will only get tss for the downhill part, not when you and your bike are sitting in the truck.

No power data = no tss.

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Ah, I’m mainly a roadie, the idea of driving up the hills is an alien concept to me!

Your TSS will be correct, but if your Garmin is still running then your IF and potentially NP and AP numbers (depending on your settings) will be wrong.

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