Should I train on my new bike?

Hey guys! So I need some help deciding on if I should train on my new bike or just keep training on my current bike. My current bike is a Cannondale CAAD8 Claris. You can see the specs here I build a custom bike to start racing. Which is a Scott Foil 40 2012 edition with Ultegra groupset.

Should I continue training on my current CAAD8 on the trainer? I have a wheel on trainer. I know that I need to get some time in on my new bike to get use to how it rides and handles. I don’t want to damage my Foil since it is a carbon bike. But, I wanted to get you guys thoughts on this.

You won’t damage your new bike riding it on the trainer. At the same time, you should get the feel for your new bike on the roads, not on the trainer. If you have the luxury of being able to leave the CAAD8 as a dedicated trainer bike, I say do just that. Just make sure you have the bikes set up as similarly as possible. Meaning seat height, stem length, overall reach, bar width.


I’d be training on the new bike during all of my outside rides and keep the old bike on the trainer IF the geometry/measurements/position are close to identical. Otherwise, I’d suggest it would be beneficial to make some tweaks to the current bike to make it fit as close as possible to the new bike or just put the new bike on the trainer. I’ve had some pretty nice bikes on my trainer without ever having an issue but YMMV.

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Check with Scott if they are a “trainer friendly” brand. If they are, use it in the trainer.

This is a good point. I used to have a 2013 Scott Foil and the rear dropout is shrouded a bit by the frame. I had to add washers on the quick release skewer, between the outside of the dropout and the QR nut and clamp on either side to keep the trainer axle end caps from gouging the frame. Kurt made some special axle end caps just for this purpose. Same idea: Keep the cups from hitting the frame.

Use the Foil. It’s a nice bike, enjoy it and get the most out of it, on road and on the turbo. Just buy a cheap rear wheel off ebay and put a trainer tyre on.

Relegate the Trek to commutes and winter training.

Thanks everyone for the comments. You all gave some really good advice!