Carbon bike on wheel-on trainer

Hi! I just got a Tarmac SL7 and I used to train (a lot) with my previous bike on a wheel-on trainer (zycle zpro) with a training wheel. I was wondering if I can keep using my bike (the tarmac now) on my smart trainer because I have read that it may damage the carbon frame.

Any experiences on that? What do you recommend?

I’m sure 60-80% of the people here use a carbon bike on a trainer. You don’t see many reports of bikes being damaged.

Like anything, use common sense and you’ll be fine - don’t do crazy sprints, trying to rock back and forth, or anything that puts an abnormal amount of torque on the frame.

For an SL7, you would need a special thru axle adapter. Make sure everything is installed correctly and tightened down and the frame doesn’t touch the trainer anywhere.

Appreciate space might be an issue but if you can afford an SL7 couldn’t you shell out a bit extra for a 2nd hand bike and stick that on?

Thanks for your answers!

Maybe I can but not right now. Also, I don’t have enough space for two bikes and I will sell that previous bike to a friend that wants to get more enthusiastic about cycling. So I’m looking for solutions to keep just one bike for the moment.

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I’ve had a madone, venge, and emonda all carbon on wheel on and wheel off trainers. You’ll be fine just make sure your not rocking too hard side to side and the skewers are tight.


And flat out sprinting isn’t recommended.

Not a problem. Most manufacturers will say explicitly that their bikes are not meant for use on trainers even though that is total BS. Take Canyon, for example: on the one hand, they claimed their frames are not compatible with Wahoo trainers. On the other, Canyon is selling “incompatible” Wahoo trainers on their own site. :roll_eyes:

I have have heard of carbon frames breaking on the trainers, although I am sure there is a unicorn out there to whom this has happened. The punishment frames take during normal, recommended use is much harsher than what you do on a trainer. For example, ever accidentally ride through a deep pothole? I did. One of my bottles went flying, but my bike was fine. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

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The only person I know who’s damaged a carbon bike on a trainer did so when he fumbled and dropped the bike, which smashed the seatstay into the trainer and broke it.