Should I increase my ftp?

Hi guys I’m currently two weeks into short power build and absolutely smashing each workout.
Prior to this… full SSB MID VOL.
And then took a ten day break before retesting.
Because of the break I believe my ftp is slightly lower than where it could have been if I tested prior to the break.
So, as I’m smashing each workout should I increase my ftp a couple of watts for the 3rd week of short power build l, or just go with it and then re test after a recovery week ?

Thoughts ?

I use Over/Under workouts as a gauge to where my FTP is… If I get through the workout without being anywhere near on my knees in the last interval or 2, then I sometimes pop my FTP up by 1% and see how the next 3 or 4 workouts feel. You’ve gotta be honest with yourself though, and if you find yourself not getting through workouts then its not worth it… Completing a workout at 99% is better than not completing it at 101% i.m.o.


May have came into the ramp test a little flat. If you’re now into your 3rd week and workouts aren’t pushing you, then you have two options.

  1. Raise the intensity of each workout 2-5%

  2. Increase FTP 2-5%.

After finishing your third week you’ll have a recover week and test again, so make sure this week is hard but doable.