Last FTP increase too big (or equipment error)

So I did an FTP test and t came in way higher than I expected 287, up from 244 three weeks ago. Prior to that I was 232 but that was coming two weeks after Dirty Kanza so I think I was still fatigued. I started the year at 230 then 235 then 242 to 245 to 255 a few weeks before DK.

So I’ve never had a bump this big 17% in that short a time. I checked my power meter and tracked it against my Kickr and they tracked closely.

So just wondering what happened. Did all all the pre DK work and Dk and the rest drive it? I’m three weeks into general build, which I’ve never done before. Could it be that?

I guess I’m trying to figure what works so I can try to repeat it! Anyone else seen something g like this?

See if you can complete workouts. If you can’t, then it’s an anomaly.

If you can, congrats!


Exactly!! Queue up Lamarck and see if you can complete it…

Here’s what I think: you went to DK and said, ‘Send it.’ It came back return to sender…you said, ‘Nope. Send it again.’ It came back and again…you hijacked the mail truck and delivered it yourself. It was a big, big effort & in the process you did some damage to connective tissues ( in your back ).

It takes 8, 9, 10 weeks to completely recover from that.

You kept a sane riding schedule & let yourself recover. Three weeks ago you had kind of a big week. Now you’re reaping to benefits of all that work. You’re the man. Believe in it.


Yeah when I look back at my weekly TSS post DK and gave myself some time to recover and then started building back up.

Weekly TSS:
797: DK200 week
65 (recovery week)
195 (recovery week)
346 (recovery week)
317 (recovery week) with ramp test today

The average 6 week TSS has been ramping up steadily. I’ll see what the workout feel like going forward. I think giving myself enough recovery has been key. And then going really hard with a 750 TSS week about every 3rd or 4th week my body seems to do well with that pattern.

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Check all your conditions of testing were similar enough to the previous tests?

Three weeks is too short for the plan to be the key, it’s most likely as others have said - you’ve been building this fitness all year but only recently had enough recovery/nutrition/rest for your body to reap the adaptations and express them during a test.

I would look to put more focus on these elements over increasing TSS for the rest of the season.

Well done :+1::grinning:

Update: FTP increase was definitely too big, especially for above threshold workouts. Here’s what I’ve done:

Week 1:
Ansel Adams -1 (FTP at 287): 3x13 min of 50 seconds at 130% of FTP/ 40 seconds off
epic fail, had to drop intensity a couple of times eventually down 10%, maybe more
Matthes (FTP at 270): 3x3 nub at 110-130% of FTP
not quit epic fail, but had to drop intensity by 3-5% and a couple of backspins

Week 2:
sick for most of the week
Galena +2 (FTP at 270): 3x 20 min at 95%-99% of FTP
did the first 20 min interval, second had to turn down and multiple backpedals, bailed on 3rd

Week 3
Clouds Rest (FTP 270): 3x12 min of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off at 130%
Did first two sets ok, but had to skip intervals in last set
Tinker (FTP at 270): 3x8 min at 105% of FTP
suffer fest: one 30 secondnd back pedal 1st interval, two back pedals second one, and three on the third!

Week 4 (probably should have done a rest week but didn’t)
Clouds Rest (FTP 270): 3x12 min of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off at 130%
Did first set ok, but had to turn down for last two sets by 5% and 10%
Tinker (dropped FTP at 260): 3x8 min at 105% of FTP
first interval ok, 2nd one 30 second backpedal, and 3rd with two backpedals

Week 5
Clouds Rest (FTP 260): 3x12 min of 30 seconds on/30 seconds off at 130%
Did first set ok, but had to skip one interval in the second and third sets
Spruce Knob (FTP 260): 2x30 min at 85% of FTP
this felt almost easy

Not sure what the right conclusion is. But I’m thinking

  1. 287 was too high at least for above threshold workouts
  2. my VO2 max capability is below my tempo/sweet spot capability
  3. at 52, I need a break after three weeks of intensity
  4. FTP is probably somewhere between 260-270

Questions I still have

  1. is the ramp test or the 20 min test a better way for me to go on my next assessment
  2. should I do a block of traditional base with one day a week of VO2max before starting SSB or just go right into SSB?

Thanks for any comments, suggestions, etc