Should I do a training camp a month before my event?

QUESTION: Should I do a training camp a month before my event or should I follow the plan as given?

I have a brevet Jan 7. For those not familiar, a brevet is not a race. However, the brevet is in Minnesota, so the race is really against frostbite. I really do want to go as fast as I can.

I have the week off after Thanksgiving, so Nov 28 - Dec 2.

The week currently has a TSS of 363. As an example of the week, one of the days I am doing Obelisk. Not exactly grind to your core stuff. The week after is a TSS of 444. I would make a lot more sense from a personal point of view to switch those weeks. I also have it in the back of my head that I would really like to try one of the crazy “not recommended” rides. I could rein it in and do the breakthrough Hoffman though: Log In to TrainerRoad

My event is listed as a Gran Fondo, but I don’t feel like I’m doing the volume I should.

I’m willing to do the plan as scheduled if the advice is FTFP, but seems like if I overcook it a bit then the AI will slow things down in later weeks and I have enough time to recover. Also, there’s a good chance I will be taking 5 days or so off the bike around Christmas, though I might run on some of those days. I’ve learned my lesson about trying to run fast and getting injured, so none of that. Thoughts? Questions?

I don’t think I understand, Obelisk is 1 hour @ .53IF, I don’t think it’s possible to overcook it

I’m asking if I should do a training camp that week. The plan TrainerRoad has given me has a pretty low volume that week. I’ll try to clarify.

UPDATE: I have since put some additional detail into the original post.

IMO, a training camp a month out, especially for a long event like a brevet, is ideal….Especially if you focus on volume vs. intensity.

Bank a big volume period, really backing up successive days of big volume….you have plenty of time to recover before your event. Don’t worry about intensity, just ride the crap out of your bike.