Should I add a rest week?

This is my first foray into structured training. I have cycled sporadically for about 6 years but rarely more than 3 hours a week. I have finally decided to take the plunge and follow a plan properly.

I am doing SSBLV 1 and just did Eclipse. It was very hard and I had to drop the intensity down to 90% about halfway through. Should I throw in a rest week and push the plan one week into the future? I have no events I’m training for.

Thanks. Great product. 5 stars.

I would, yes.


How far away is your scheduled rest week?
It might be hard to know if you’re new to training, but does your FTP feel right to you? I only ask as a lot of people have their FTP set too high and then struggled with SS efforts.

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Assuming ftp is set right…it could just be that training is hard, long efforts are harder. It takes time to build up to it. My first run through base/build/specialty…there were just some workouts I wasnt capable of doing. The harder muscular endurance workouts, and the more brutal VO2 max workouts. Failing them doesnt mean anything is wrong IMO, especially if this is your first go at them.

Go as long as you can…then when you just CANT go any longer…throw in the towel, and finish out the scheduled time with endurance work. It wont be EASIER next time…but you’ll likely make it a bit farther each time before you fade. Planning meals and on bike nutrition around the workouts help as well.

If you are in week 3 you shouldn’t be to fatigued especially as you have had a rest day before and 2 x 1 hour sessions previously this week. I would suggest your FTP is to high - Eclipse requires focus but with an IF of 0.83 it isn’t to bad - did you do the Ramp test to set your FTP?

Keep in mind that this is easily the hardest structured workout he’s ever attempted on a bike.


As a reply to all.

I think my FTP is accurate. The other workouts seem on point. Manageable but testing. I think the length of the intervals is a factor as well as the stress of general life (child under one etc).

I have decided to put a rest week in. As I’m just training for general fitness and to improve as a cyclist, I feel I can take a hit on the effectiveness of this block. It’s most important I remain mentally focussed and motivated.

Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to reply.


This is very true!