Short Term Fitness Maintenance/Improvement

Hi guys,

What’s the best strategy to basically “maintain” (or improve) fitness in a short term window?

I just completed Sweet Spot Base LV 1 and I convinced one of my friends to start training with me so we’re going to start together on SSB LV I on Oct 25.

That leaves me with roughly 20 days (10 actual days of biking because I’m traveling from 17th-24th) until I start SSB LV 1 again. So wondering what I should do for the time being.

Should I just use TrainNow and pick random ones the 3 days I normally ride? Would there be any benefit in doing some super overload of TSS then resting for the week that I am traveling?

I tried to plan build and set my plan super short but it seems 5 weeks is the bare minimum.

Excited to hear what you guys recommend / suggest


Train Now is one way, just pick what you feel like you can do. Another might be to simply repeat the last few weeks of your last plan.

If you want to ‘hack’ Plan Builder then simply pick a start date a few weeks in the past and it will let you build a new plan.