Shimano pro stealth saddle and accessories experience?

Ive got the standard saddle on my Giant TCR and am looking to swap it out for something that will provide some more comfort when down in the drop and low on the hoods.
I have played with the tilt all indoor season and it is better for sure but not quite what I need to be able to ride more than a few minutes in the drops without the discomfort getting to be too much.
I have read a lot of positive things about the pro stealth and would like to hear from you all who have used or currently use it- if ti worked for you? Also, did you try the accessories - in particular the C02/tube carrier and camera mount?
Thanks in advance.

I’ve been using a the Prologo Dimension that came on my Cannondale SystemSix that is almost identical to the Pro Stealth. For me, I have to angle it down so the nose is roughly level and the “scoop” is tilted up in the back. I actually feel that it’s more comfortable in a more upright position for me personally, but I can hold position in the drops long enough that saddle position isn’t my limiter. I also think they give you 90? day guarantee period so you can try it out a bit.

As someone about to take possession of the same bike and saddle; what were you coming from previously? I’ve been eyeing the specialized power for a few years but couldn’t get it to work on the current ride just due to seat setback issues compared to the fizik antares which i currently run (couldn’t;t get the power back far enough just due to design).

Yep. Still on the bike 12 months later.

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I tried it for a while and although I liked the saddle in shape I couldn’t really get a fit on it properly; similar to the Power saddle - Its too short (although I ride the Power on my track bike fine - comfort is not a priority there)

I ended up with a selle SMP Composite.

I’ve been riding the Pro Stealth for 2 seasons now I believe. Maybe this is the 3rd season? I’ve used both the carbon and Ti rails and like the Ti rail version better as it’s just a little more comfortable on longer rides. I use it on the road bike and really enjoy it…

People seem to want to compare this to the Specialized Power which I’ve used briefly in the past. Other than being short (255mm) like the Power it rides and feels nothing like it. The nose on the Power is way too narrow for me as I ride pretty far forward and under high power enough that I wanted a little more platform to support me. The profile was different if I recall correctly as well.

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Riding it as wel, more than a season now. Best fitting saddle I’ve used, although I find it more comfortable in a racing position than on endurance rides. I’ve got the widest one, and the only accessoire I’m using is the race number mount. Highly recommend it, I’ve been selling it to a lot of customers, and 90% are still riding it.


Love my Pro Stealth. I used to use a Spesh Romin in 155mm and find the Stealth better for position due to its shorter length but still wide enough unlike 95% of saddle manufacturers where 142 is so prevalent.

I have no experience with the Pro system of accessories - sorry, no help there.


Dangit, just got a spesh power trying to find a saddle more similar to a cobb/ism for road. I think it’s okay but my undercarriage definitely feels like it wants a wider support since I move forward when laying the power down (for me anyway). /sigh going to have to stick with it for a few months else the wife will cut off my stuff and I won’t need any saddle at all for a good while… :grimacing: Its the third saddle I’ve tried in the last 6 months.

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