Short intervals <30 sec - Erg or resistance mode

I know similar question have been asked, but all I could gather is that erg mode may struggle to ramp it up quick enough…

So, should I just try and get through something like Joe Devel on erg and more-or-less hit power targets, or is it better to do these type of workouts on resistance - which obviously has its own issues?

Personal preference. Best to try one way and see how you and the trainer handle it.

  • like it, keep it that way.
  • hate it, switch and try the other way.

No magic or single answer here, so you have to see for yourself.


Agree with above, you just have to try each way. It may be worth learning how to ride erg for your particular trainer as they all respond to power changes differently. For example the timing of when you really start going for it, so I mean kicking up with 1, 2 or 3 seconds before the hard interval starts. When you get it right erg can still be effective.

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On my Tacx Vortex it was terrible, it was one of the main reasons I switched to the Neo.
Powermatch Stages to Neo was OK but far from perfect. I just use the Neo now and it’s excellent for anything longer than a few secs.

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