TACX NEO 2 Mode ERG for Sprint

Hello Foro
I have a questions… Anybody to training with Tacx NEO 2, in mode ERG for training sprint about 30s to 1:30 min.?
I need to know if dont problem with this mode.



I use erg mode on the Neo2 all the time for 30s and longer intervals.

I was going to say exactly the same. It’s quick enough for intervals that long.

True short sprints I use slope.

Can you clarify this statement? I don’t understand what you want to know.

Thanks for the answers

I want to know if I will not have problems with obtaining power, when doing sprint intervals from 30s to 1:30 min., Using the tacx neo 2 (trainer smart), in mode ERG.


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You should be fine. The Neo 1/2 adjusts about the fastest of any smart trainer I own (Hammer/H2, Kickr17 in particular).

I also have a NEO 2 related question. I attempted to ride my own interval on the “Free Ride” workout. As soon as I started the ride, it became excruciatingly hard…I realized it was in resistance mode. I then switched over to ERG mode and had a hard time getting up to any sort of power. I wanted to do some 30/30’s, some tempo and then more 30/30’s. Any idea on how to do this with TR and the NEO2? I have to be honest I am bummed the NEO2 doesnt support a “standard” mode that lets you increase wattage with gear shifts. Any thoughts or suggestions on what I could do? Thanks


Free Ride workouts have no power target them at all. Therefore, they will not work in ERG mode at all. These workouts are meant to run in Resistance/Standard/Slope mode only (whatever is supported by the trainer and TR combo).

If you want to freely increase or decrease power targets in ERG, you need a base workout that has some power targets in place. You could use something like Pettit or any other “Endurance” workout for a base, then increase the Workout Intensity to reach your desired target power. This is a bit slow at times as you have to hold the adjuster arrows (or press them once for each % of change in some versions).

Thanks to all for response.
I will training in mode ERG in the short intervals and should not have problem, as they tell me.

Good ride in the weekend… from Chile!!


For fast sprints or doing your own thing you should use resistance mode. Then you change your power by shifting and/or changing cadence. You do have to set the resistance level so that with your gears and power output you get a cadence that you want. For me that typically means a resistance setting of 3 or 4. Then I can go from 100-ish to 1000-ish watts by shifting my bike. To set it I just get into a gear middle gear (Big ring- big cog) and adjust the setting until I am somewhere around FTP. That way I have enough gears to go easy between intervals and also go as hard as I want to. If you can sprint at 2000W you’d probably want a higher setting.

Thanks @mcneese.chad and @djwalker1260. I appreciate the input and will give it a try. That explains why the resistance of 100 was like hitting a brick wall and that I only need like 3 or 4!

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You probably want 30 or 40. I was setting this through an app that had only 0-10 for 0-100%