30/30s on a Tacx, erg mode?

I feel like that Tacx is slow to switch over. Does anyone use erg mode for short intervals?

Which trainer exactly? Tacx sells many with ERG control.

As a direct answer, I use ERG on all of my trainers (Kickr17, Neo2, H2, Magnus, etc.) and that includes the short on/off ones.

Here is a 30/30 I did just yesterday, all in ERG on my K17.

Some people have a preference to use Resistance mode, even if they have a good trainer with quick response time. So it’s worth some experimentation to find what you like.

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The Tacx Neo is pretty quick to adjust and 30/30s can definitely be done in ERG.

As Chad mentioned, some prefer Resistance mode for this. I’m in this camp because it allows me to give my best effort which may be above or below the prescribed power.


I used to use the neo, never had any issue with 30/30s, the only time I would take it out of erg mode for training was if it was really big efforts separated by only a few seconds

I have the Neo 1 and do 15/15s in ERG. No issues.

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Just completed 60x60 s… no issues at all.

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Tacx neo here. The leading edge takes a few seconds to reach peak power. TR calls for the power to rise a few seconds early (see green line). Similarly the trailing edge is a few seconds slow to fall. Overall it works out, but it will cause the interval average to be reported slightly low.

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