ShipIt process eating battery life/CPU on MacOS

It appears that some package you use for your in-app updates on MacOS is spawning a process that is not always shut down when the TrainerRoad app is closed. It then proceeds to consume a huge amount of CPU and kills battery life.

Hey @stegasaur, thank you for letting us know.

I’ll consult with our engineers about this :slight_smile:

In the meantime let’s try a full uninstall/reinstall:

Uninstall TrainerRoad

  1. In Finder, go to your Applications Folder
  2. In the program list, find the TrainerRoad App and right-click > Move to Trash

Clear App Data

Clearing Local App Data

  1. Enter the spotlight search, and type “~/library.”
  2. Open up the “Application Support” folder.
  3. Inside Application Support, you’ll find a folder marked “TrainerRoad.” Delete this folder.

Clearing Saved State

  1. Navigate back to the Library.
  2. Open the folder called “saved application state.”
  3. Delete the folder named com.TrainerRoad.Mac.savedState
  4. Empty the Trash bin

New folders will be generated automatically the next time you open up the TrainerRoad app, and the software will sync anything that was stored on the server.

Restart Computer

  • Go ahead and power off your computer entirely and turn it back on

Download TrainerRoad

Hey @stegasaur :slight_smile:

Just circling back to let you know that the engineers have made a report to fix the issue!

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Hey @stegasaur :slight_smile:

Just letting you know that we’ve implemented the fix on the latest Beta version of the TR app, so it should be in the Production version by next week!


Thanks for getting this fixed. Verified that I’m not having the issue any more.