TrainerRoad not launching after upgrading to macOS Catalina

Anyone upgraded to macOS Catalina? TrainerRoad won’t launch now, dialog box says app needs to be updated.

Suspect I can probably get it running by changing security settings, just ran it on my iPad tonight rather than mess about but wondered if anyone had similar issues?

I upgraded to Catalina last night and did a workout on the app this morning without any problems.

Hey @philrcook,

This OSX update came with some surprises, and we have some work to do in order to get things up and running properly. I just spoke with one of our engineers and he had this to say:

The Mac app may have issues running on OSX 10.15 (Catalina) until some changes are made to meet Apple’s new security requirements in OSX 10.15. It will take me a day or two to figure out the new process and get it integrated into the production builds.

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, we absolutely hate when technical issues keep our users from doing their workouts. Our engineers are making this a high priority issue until any kinks are ironed out.

If we find any workarounds we will post them here ASAP. Until then, using another device such as a phone, tablet, or another laptop will be your best option.


No worries @Bryce, been using my phone recently anyway and finally got replacement iPad yesterday after lost mine to my 8 year old so I’ve plenty of options.
Just for reference I did a clean install of Catalina, not an upgrade which might be why I’ve had a different experience to others. Just wanted to flag in case nobody was aware.

are you guys not on the developer beta program for macOS? there shouldn’t be any surprises.

I am bit surprised you guys are surprised: the changes to mac OS’s security architecture have been announced a few months ago at WWDC, and beta builds have been available since then (including public betas).

In any case, I am not affected, I’m running TrainerRoad on my iPad and my iPhone.


I upgraded to Catalina yesterday. TR starts w/out any issues.

I am running TR version 2019.40.0.66-Beta.

Hey all,

It seems like the Catalina upgrade is a bit of mixed bag in that a couple people have issues while many people don’t. We are working to sort this bug out as soon as we can, but in the meantime, we have figured out a workaround that will allow you to circumvent the security warning.

Anyone affected should reach out to our Support Team at and they can walk you through the process :+1:.

Thanks for your patience.

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Thanks. I won’t update to Catalina until this is resolved, please update the thread when the fix is pushed out?

We certainly will :+1:.

We updated three employee devices to Catalina today with no issues, so we’re doing further digging to figure out what can cause the issue for some people.

We have an easy workaround now as well, so if anyone does run into the same issue as the OP, Support can get things sorted out quickly should you choose to upgrade.


Could it be upgraded are ok, clean installs aren’t? Has anyone done a clean install and it work? I’m on the beta program so wonder if that version works differently but I guess not as it sounds like a specific issue to be worked on.

We internally tested both production and beta builds on upgrades and “clean” installs of TrainerRoad. We haven’t checked out a “clean” Catalina installation, however. You might get the additional security warning but there are a couple of workarounds, as mentioned by Bryce, which will hopefully get things running.


For what it’s worth, I installed Catalina last night and ran TR today no problem. I did the normal update, not a clean install.

Could someone point me to a resource that shows how to do a clean install. I’ve had problems with my Mac for ages (not with TR thankfully) and wonder if a clean install might sort it. Thanks

First, have a good backup of all your data! I use iCloud but also had a time machine backup and a manual copy of non iCloud data on an external drive.
I then created a bootable usb drive containing the Catalina OS. Follow this article on how to create this.

You then boot your mac into recovery mode, use disk utility to wipe your drive then install Catalina from your usb drive. This article will help, ignore the early sections and start from the how to install section. This article was based on beta builds and hasn’t been updated on how to make your bootable usb install media with production info.
You can then either restore data from a time machine backup or start with no recovery I’ve data. I wanted to keep install as clean as possible so didn’t use my time machine backup but choice is yours. Good luck, please make sure your backups are good first!

As an update, we’ve notarized our production and beta applications with Apple and the additional security warning shouldn’t be appearing on Catalina anymore. :slight_smile:


Just reinstalled and can confirm app now opens up fine, thanks for quick turnaround.


Many thanks

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