Shingles should i ride

Just been diagnosed with shingles, will it be still possible to ride low intensity workouts, without affecting my immune system. I do not feel fatigued just a rash?

Yes, just listen to your body. I rode through a bout last year without issue.

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I ran a marathon when I had shingles, but I was also in my mid-twenties. Try one and see how you feel!

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I had a mild case of shingles a few months ago, but I had a more systemic set of flu-like symptoms in addition to that tingly rash. Once I could hold the riding position without too much fatigue, I eased back into intensity. I gave it a few weeks, though. I’d go slow, see how you feel, and ramp it back up slowly.

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I had it a couple years back (26 YO), and it was some of the most pain I’ve ever felt. However, my doctor said to just take care of yourself, get plenty of sleep, not push the body too hard. Easy stuff should be fine, just make sure to recover more than normal.

I would suspect low intensity rides should be fine…but as always…I do think a better answer is…consult your doctor. From there you can decide to take their advice or not.

Make sure the rash isn’t on the taint. That would be real bad.