Shimano S-Phyre SH-XC9 wide getting wider with time?


are Shimano S-Phyre SH-XC9 (wide version) getting wider with time? I have pretty wide feet and just received these shoes and they are less wide than my side megas and lakes, but if I remember correctly they were also not that wide at the beggining… and also my big toe is touching the front area… There is no other size available and I’m thinking about returning them but if someone has experience with them getting wider/bigger with time I would probably keep them…

Thank you in advance…

I wear a 48 in this shoe. I have a pair that are a year or two old and I just bought a 2nd pair. The new ones DO feel tighter, and I even thought about returning them. I then put them on side by side and the difference is actually very minor… just enough for the new one to feel a touch tight. I suspect the older ones have stretched a bit, but it’s honestly not much.

I’m not on the wide version, but I also agree about the width. To me the shoe is now more narrow and longer. I had some issues with these shoes at first but I think I’ve broken them in now…

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The outer vinyl gets scraped away and allows the side to “v” more. Otherwise, no, they do not stretch.
Are they the XC902? These are supposedly narrower than the prior versions. Maybe try the RX8 if you don’t need spikes. The XC7 shoe should be very good as well.
I played the ‘will they get wider’ game and lost. I then ordered a lot of versions of the shoe. The wider ones aren’t really any wider. You’ve gotta size up. Shimano has a guide here - SHOE FITTING WITH THE SHIMANO BRANNOCK DEVICE 1 | SHIMANO GEAR
Basically you fit a cycling shoe by the arch, not the length. You might also have a problem with volume, where you tighten your shoe down and your forefoot spreads out. I can arch support my foot to the max, and the shoes still feel too narrow.
Specialized worked for me once I adjusted the ankle cuff. I think Bontragers and Bont will to. Lake is your last hope before custom. I haven’t tried Giro or Fizik, but I think they middle of the road. Northwave, Mavic, Sidi (std fit), DMT, Diadora are no-gos. The new Shimano 902/702 fit may be an issue too.


Do you have the prior (XC901) or latest (XC902) versions? Multiple people over on WeightWeenies have noticed the latest version of the road version (RC902) are narrower than the outgoing (RC901) models. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same on the XC series since they’re the same last.

It is XC901

Do they made wide versions in half sizes?
I have Sidi and Lake in size 43.5 and these are 43 and they feel like gloves with touching all sides (even my big toe is touching the front of the shoe when I’m walking) but going for 44 would be an additional 6mm what would be too big