CX/MTB shoes extra wide fit? Recommendations please

I have small 5 1/2 UK, 38-39 EU size feet. But they make womens shoes soooooo narrow it hurts.
I have very wide feet (bit like a camel) and want some shoes that I can bear to be in for 2 hours+.
These will be better for long MTB/bikepacking /endurance.
I also don’t much like the boa system , and have broken 3 so far. I now use duck tape :rofl:
Has anyone got the same issue? Could you recommend me any ? Must be available in UK/EU. :dromedary_camel: :dromedary_camel: :dromedary_camel:

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Shimano has wide. I would also think you can get a SIDI, as they have wide too. I don’t know about others. I believe Lake is also a bit wider.


Lake and Northwave are the brands I have heard offer some great wide options. No idea if that goes down to the small sizes, or if they are in the UK/EU, but could be worth a look too.


Yeah, me too. I remember hearing about Lake, but don’t use it, but know many who do. I also know many who use SIDI, with wide shoes. These are 230+lb guys, so wide is for sure an option.

Personally, I use Shimano. The XC shoes with BOA, I found narrow and had to get their wide offering. I know they have that, but it’s not as common as the regular.

Their lower end shoes are not as narrow and have used the ME3 and M089 shoes comfortably. The wide option would be even wider. Look at the mountain touring or enduro shoes.

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I have a EEE shoe width and I own four pairs of Lakes, far and away the best wide foot option for me. Other wide brands are the above mentioned, as well as Giro, which has a few “high volume” options.

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+1 for Lake, they actually use a wider last and their sizing guide is pretty good. I much prefer them to my wide Shimano shoes.


Another +1 for Lake. When I bought mine last year, I ordered a few different shoes, Shimano XC7E (wide), Sidi Eagle 7 Mega, Lake MX176 wide, and MX237 wide. I ended up keeping the MX237. The Sidi and Shimano felt like they used a regular sole/last and just gave it some extra upper material, while the Lake actually had a bigger toe box and just felt right for my wide feet.


There is a difference between big volume and wide shoes! As far as I know only Lake and Bont have wide shoes (wide sole and regular fit). Sidi Mega (and other brands wide models) are regular sole but with more volume!

I have really wide feet but normal height/volume and Lake was a game changer!

I’ve got specialized shoes road and MTB.But too narrow, so I might go and try on some lake shoes.
I have used them many years ago when sponsored by a team, and remember how comfortable they were.
I need to be able to run/walk in them too

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I would check out bont cycling shoes.

Wide feet and cycling shoes, what a drama. As others have already mentioned, many brands’ wide offerings are not really wide. Sidi for example. Others are more high volume. For me the only available option was Shimano. I have the top tier XC offering which has also a more supple upper. One model below has a stiffer upper. This makes even the wide option a feel a little narrow. Don’t know about more recent models though.

Spesh used to have good, wide options (many years ago) but they don’t sell them in the EU (or at least not for all models … may have changed though).

On Lake MX 145 winter xc shoes. In wide. I must say, it is not really wide. And I do not have the widest feet. Given the price tag I’m a little disappointed. However, with winter shoes the market for wide is even smaller. 15 years ago or so Northwave changed theier winter shoes last. Before that they were super wide, now Sidi like narrow.

Sidi says 4mm wider across the foot, in addition to more volume and a wider heel cup?

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 11.10.11 AM

I have Sidi Mega MTB and sole is not wide at all but I have planty room in toe area so I have lot of vertical movement. Lakes are totaly oposite

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adding to the Lake love. Their sizing charts are extremely helpful.

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Nice, it sounds like they are EEE width. I wonder what the measurement for Sidi is? I can try to measure Shimano.

+1 for Lake shoes. From my experience, they are in-fact wide but also high volume. Unfortunately for me, I have wide feet but a low instep, so there’s a lot of wiggle room even if I crank down the BOAs.

Shimano wides are not nearly wide enough for me, but it has lower volume so it works well enough for me.

Lake shoes explained


I just measured my XC7 wide. They aren’t at all. At best it’s a D, which explains why I wear wide with a D width foot. A size 9.7 US (44 IIRC) was just about 4” wide at the ball.

+Lake. Love those shoes.

Wow, Lake seems like an actual shoe company. Definitely go Lake.