Power saddle & chamois

I use a power arc saddle, 155mm per the ass-o-meter. Upon this temple I sit within specialized rbx bibs. My fitter mentioned that he’s seen problems with people experiencing rubbing on the wings when I described a frequent chafing area, and I’m assuming that may be what’s happening to me. I’ve been reluctant to switch because the power saddle has been what has worked best for the rest of me after trying 5-6 saddles last summer, but frequent chafing at a particular spot does indeed line up on the saddle with the front part of the wings on the power. This has actually worn through the Lycra in my bibs symmetrically on either side of the chamois- a pic is easier so I’ve attached with a yellow X where it is rubbing. The chamois is in that spot but unpadded. image

I’ve wondered if a wider chamois bib may help (like the Endura bibs with “wide” chamois option) or if that’s just a band-aid on what is actually the wrong saddle for me. Any thoughts one way or the other as to what I should try first?

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I tried a Power Comp (143mm) and the didn’t like the wider wings, too much rubbing on upper thighs. Hated it. Went back to Selle SMP Drakon.


That’s one I hadn’t seen before. I’ve tried a Selle Sp01 boost, most of the specialized road ones. Fitter suggested trying the pro stealth, but from photos it’s hard to tell that it’s really any differently shaped than the power without having in hand.

I think I have the same issue with the same width Power Comp saddle…:thinking:


My fitter recommended it, a lot of guys and gals in our club are using it. Not everyone likes it. Its worked really well for me on long rides (50-200 miles). My preference is pointing the nose down a bit as it eliminates all pressure on the perineum when in an aggressive aero position. Was in the drops / aggressive aero position for close to 3 hours last weekend, love the Drakon.


With the amount of money I’ve spent on saddles over the years, I could have bought a pretty decent carbon bike outfitted with 105.

I really wish there was a silver bullet approach to picking a saddle.

With that being said, I have a pretty good relationship with my S-Works Power “Arc” saddle on my road bike… you might want to check it out. I never had an original Power saddle, but according to reviews the Power Arc has more rounded edges.

Good luck.


That cutout looks great and 150/160 is a nice in-between size option from the specialized line. I think my bones measured 148-149 on the gel seat. I’ll probably try to track that one down.

The pro stealth was recommended by my guy as an alternative to power but that fizik definitely looks a LOT better aesthetically IMO.

Tempo Argo saddle

What is the model of that Fizik?

+1 for the Power Arc. It doesn’t have those edges, which kept me off both the Power and the Pro Stealth. I especially like the Power Arc Elaston model.


That’s the one I use, with the regular ti rail non-elaston on my gravel bike

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Also consider the Bontrager Aeolus. It has been a great saddle since April. Multiple very long rides on my HT with no issues.

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Had the same problem. Went to power arc and it is unreal. No more saddle sore issues at the high hamstring


Holding both saddles in hand (Regular Power and the Power Arc), you can really see the forward and downward roll in front of the wings. It is a big difference, so for those that have problems with the regular Power, but like the overall support, the Arc may be the right change.


I ride a 155mm Power (SWorks and base model on diff bikes) and have no real issues with chafing in that area

The Arc does look a bit better though

Im keen to try out a Pro Stealth sometime, but its hard to convince myself to change something thats not broken!


Have never tried a Power, but have a Pro Stealth and it’s sooo good


I have the pro stealth. Word of warning if you are thick-of-thigh; it is an absolute bib destroyer. Every pair of bibs I have with exposed stitching will inevitably disintegrate at the threads that hold the hold chamois in place near the inner thigh. I’ve also rubbed the paint off the rails down to the metal near the front of the saddle due to said thigh-brushing.


I had the same issue with the Pro Stealth and rubbed holes in several pairs of Assos bibs. :cry:


Had the same issue with the Power Pro and Castelli bibs (can’t remember which ones). It led to a pretty serious saddle sore. Issue I noticed was I was in a very aggressive position and the chamois was half way up my backside and not in the right position with meat of chamois on the sit bones. I had to be very conscious about rotating (pulling/positioning) the chamois forward by pushing the back of the bibs down and pulling the front up.

You also may have lost some weight and they don’t fit the same and you may also be riding worn out chamois (have you used high heat with the dryer?).

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I had this issue on the Romin 143mm I used to ride before the Power 155mm. Bunch of bibs with worn out stitching, and worn saddle rails. Dont have the same issue on the Power. I did move the Power a fair bit further forward that the Romin as recommended by Specialized

After a chat with my fitter about these saddles, I suspect that a lot of people are probably choosing a saddle that is too wide for them. He suggests that (and I know it isnt the case here exactly) but that the wings are so wide that it tends to make people slide forward on the saddle, which is a real problem on the power because there isnt much “nose” to slide on to.

I’d also take width measurements with a large pinch of salt. And if you’re serious about saddle fitting then try and get a proper bike fitting that encorporates saddle pressure mapping. The specialized measuring device says I need a 155 saddle but the pressure mapping at my bike fit suggested that my current 135mm saddle is just fine