Shimano Dura Ace 9200 [speculation]

Turn out the part shortage is so high that the normal di2 ultegra is so hard to get, that it sounded like he was getting the new one xD

Its just the normal ultegra di2… sorry I got your hopes up (earliest expectations for the new one should be Q4 but NOT before that)

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Screenshot from Merida`s line 2022 lineup

Probably obvious… but just to mention that I get confirmation from world tour team mechanic that they will ride TDF with new Shimano 12s groupset.

I heard something similar that pro teams will be on it mid summer. I was also told current plan is September roll out for consumers and that it will be offered rim and disc brake but Di2 only, no mechanical 12s :frowning:

Maybe in 15 years we will see sora mechanical 12 speeds…


Electronic 105 in 10 years?

In a bold move, Acera 24sp cassettes!

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