Shimano Dura Ace 9200 [speculation]

Turn out the part shortage is so high that the normal di2 ultegra is so hard to get, that it sounded like he was getting the new one xD

Its just the normal ultegra di2… sorry I got your hopes up (earliest expectations for the new one should be Q4 but NOT before that)

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Screenshot from Merida`s line 2022 lineup

Probably obvious… but just to mention that I get confirmation from world tour team mechanic that they will ride TDF with new Shimano 12s groupset.

I heard something similar that pro teams will be on it mid summer. I was also told current plan is September roll out for consumers and that it will be offered rim and disc brake but Di2 only, no mechanical 12s :frowning:

Maybe in 15 years we will see sora mechanical 12 speeds…


Electronic 105 in 10 years?

In a bold move, Acera 24sp cassettes!


Any new developments? My buddy just got a Force AXS bike yesterday which made me remember this thread and tell myself I’ll buy a new bike when Ultegra is 12s Di2

I reckon before 2025 at the very latest, possibly as early as 2022.

It seems clear that electronic is the way the market is going, and with SRAM bringing out rival AXS, it would be odd for Shimano not to follow suit.

What Campag will do with their range, especially as EPS got pulled below SR, is less clear. I anticipate an electronic option on Ekar and Record in 2022, but I reckon they will offer a mechanical option for a while. Having said that, with the new flagship wheels being disc only, perhaps their days of trying to stay in the ‘tradition’ corner are over?

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Public release apparently around June/July 21, but unlikely to be available in quantities before 22.

Campag has proven that they can’t do electronic well or affordably. They need to corner the market on mechanical and become the de facto option. Embrace the heritage, have electronic at the highest end like now, but focus on mechanical. SRAM and Shimano will out-engineer them everyday in electronics…their OE dollars fuel the companies and R&D. Campag can’t compete.

Zig while those guys zag and compete in a freer are of the market.

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I suspect that would be a bad move from a business perspective. I can see the ‘premium’ - that is, in reality, anything 105 level or above - mechanical groupset being a niche item for afficionados within a decade, much like higher end steel frames are now, i.e. a small market, which would make them even smaller and more fringe.

Ekar may well go places for them, but an electronic 12sp Chorus at UDi2 price range would be an attractive option for many. Given SRAM’s well-documented problems with electronic, a system that doesn’t work as well as Shimano doesn’t automatically seem to preclude success!

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I’m just trying to figure how much longer to defer a bike buy based on 12s Ultegra release. I would assume around TDF time next year

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Will never happen…Campag’s business model doesn’t support it. Campag won’t produce in Asia so they will never be price competitive, nor a viable OE option.

Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if mechanical Chorus is more expensive than Ultegra Di2 (although i haven’t checked).

That is what Campag is now, an aficionado company…so embrace their role in the marketplace and focus on what they are good at.

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If the above info is correct ( and I’d wager it is), DA won’t be available in an quantities until ‘22…which would likely mean no Ultegra until ‘23.


Nice, by that time my wife is sure to be pregnant which will make killing/leaving me due do bike spending a bit more consequential for her :rofl:

I honestly have a hard time justifying the cost of new bikes considering I have a fairly nice 2016 trek with Ui2. No disc brakes, no aero frame, but it’s gonna take more than the current crop of bikes to get me to sell mine.m

Maybe by that time bikes will get a good bit more sophisticated too and the price won’t sting as bad

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Around turn of the year, i.e. the last point you could get anything, in the UK Chorus disc was c£1300 vs c.£1800 UDi2.

But yeah, the made in Italy ethos will always bring a price prem, as well as logistical implications.

I’ve actually pondered this in regards to my Favero Assioma pedals and the fact that being made in Italy they’re still cheaper than basically any power pedal on the market (that actually exists coughiq2). I think it’s more of a fact that these companies want to charge more, not have to, same reason Pinarello and Colnago bikes command a premium even though the vast majority are made in Taiwan. I guess Favero is just not greedy


I’ve got the Faveros too, and that had never occurred to me. Good point.


I agree with this, but it still annoys me when they do this. It’s one thing I like about Apple etc, is that normally they announce something, and either the next day, or within a couple of weeks, you can buy it. Garmin are good at this too, when they announce something, they’re ready to ship it to stores almost straight away (thinking of my Edge 530 here).

If Ultegra 12s is announced summer 2022, say July, then I want to be able to have a groupset on my bike in August, and see it spec’d on the 2023 bikes which might hit the stores a few months later. If they announce that in july 2022, then unless you’re crazy desperate for a new bike/group, you’d just hold off until summer 2023 when the 12s ultegra groups and bikes are available.