Shimano Dura Ace 9200 [speculation]

Hey everyone,
I can’t happen to find a thread on the upcoming successor to Shimano‘s top of the range Groupset 9150/9170, potentially called 9200 series.
While this is obviously speculation heavy, I was told a few things that might be interesting:

This event was apparently held last week and details were given to a chosen few. Apparently high emphasize was put on not allowing information leakage, but as always, drip drip…
So here is what I was told by an attendee (don’t kill the Messenger):

  • Shimano is releasing a new high end groupset, that is 2x12 only.
  • the STIs are Wireless, but there is still a Central battery to power both derailleurs.
  • the Max cassette range is 11-34 and 11t is the smallest cog on any cassette
  • while there will be a rim brake version, high emphasize is put on disc brakes. The new rotors are lighter and more akin to the XTR rotors, with major focus being avoiding bend and increasing heat resistance.
  • availability is the major issue, apparently not before the 2022 bike gen to a wider market…

… also:

  • the Dura Ace wheelset are allegedly being updated, lighter, wider, tubeless.

Again, I was told these things, by someone I know, who is in a very close relationship with the brand. Neither me, nor him can guarantee any of this to be true, but at least for me, it all makes a lot of sense, and fits with the existing rumors.

Feel free to correct me or add if any of this is wrong/ incomplete.


It all sounds good and I look forward to the trickle down of shimano tech… But only pros and people with a lot of disposable income buy dura ace…

Wake me up when they release a 105 priced electronic system…


Or people who work at shops. Unfortunately my employer won’t let me get a second job sweeping floors 2 hours a week to get the employee discount but maybe you have more freedom

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Any word of if they are using a new hub standard?

Cycling tips had some speculation on the new groupset a few weeks ago, which pretty much lines up with the “messenger” above.

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This might be a cheeky weight-saving upgrade. Even for us 105 peasants.

Freehub? I would assume not since the smallest is still an 11t

Wireless will be cool but everything listed there…meh. I’m excited to see it around town, but doesn’t look like reason enough to upgrade for me

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Agreed, this is for the 12k Tarmacs of the world.

I’m upgrading my bike from Ultegra to Ultegra Di2, would have liked to try eTap but it still has a premium cost over Di2, I can’t imagine what this new groupset is going to cost.

Also rumored is a screen. Who tf needs a screen on their shifter?
Shiiit just dont put it on there and its cheaper and lighter

The big question is: will they fix the crankset design to allow properly accurate power meters to be based on it?


I’d been mentally preparing that Shimano road would go to either micro spline or “road micro spline”, but the mention of 11t minimum brings that into question. I’d even migrated to DT Swiss 240/350 hubs to have the best chance of that change being a simple/cheap freehub swap.

I wonder if Shimano will be doing their old 12 month lag for Ultegra, 24 mouth for 105 etc. If so, so we get Ultegra 8100 AND GRX 900 in 2022? Im looking at building a GRX bike this year or early next year, and would be really miffed if I built a spring 2022 GRX 800 bike to find out that GRX 12 speed micro spline releases summer 2022.

All in all though, I’m not hearing anything that I disagree with in 9200, and am positive that things are only looking better for Shimano road/gravel groups.

It is apparently highly doubtful that Dura Ace become widely available before 2022, so I wouldn’t Bank on an early 2022 launch for anything else.

I’m just hoping 11sp spares stay around for the next 5 years tbh!


You can still buy shimano 10 speed and even 9 speed parts, so I wouldn’t worry about that.


The 105 Di2 groupset is already about 9 years late!

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Why should 105 Di2 even be a thing? If we do that why not have it in Tiagra or Sora too? Putting higher end features into lower end groupsets lowers those features’ perceived value, same reason car companies generally don’t let you get the high performance engines until you get into higher trim levels. Trickle down is one thing, killing the value of your best products is another.

If you really want Di2 so much, just get Ultegra.


If FCC filings are anything to go by, SRAM is slated to release an AXS version of its Rival (= 105 equivalent) groupset. I don’t think asking for 105 Di2 is ridiculous, on the contrary. I think eventually all enthusiast groupsets (= 105-level and up) will be electronic.


I think so too. Especially considering that new DuraAce appears to be (semi)wireless, it’s probably gonna be the fully wired versions that’s gonna trickle down the chain. Basically current Dura Ace di2 → next gen ultegra, current ultegra di2 → 105 di2. Plus/minus the usual material “penalties”


If shopping for a 3rd tier groupset (or you’re a major manufacturer looking to outfit your new model)…Rival has AXS, and 105 is mechanical. Or vice versa. Which would you go for? I’m sure that making money all the way up and down their line is a priority, and it is certainly a competitive advantage to offer electronic shifting at a lower price point.

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