Shimano Dura Ace 9200 [speculation]

I would be shocked if they only offer disc. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they stop putting any effort in improving their rim brake components and just keep taking the 9100 brakes and change the finish to match 9200.

That is probably around the right way of putting it. The main focus of development is disc brakes. Making disc brake systems lighter and easier to live with (better cooling, less warping etc).

It’s actually much higher at higher speeds

6w at the top end


Very unfair comparison. This is a SRAM 1x. So how much of that is the added cross chaining?
Also, 48/10 is not the equivalent of 53/11.
a 2x 50/37 with a 10t would be.
Also, looking closer at this graph, I‘d venture the guess that the power is constant. Only the resistance is changed. If that was the case, all this graph would show is that cross chaining is a problem. As you can see in the middle portion, where there is little to no cross chaining, the difference is 2 Watts or less…

Wasn’t trying to be unfair, mostly just trying to point out that chainring size at high speeds has much more of an impact than 1w at high wattage/speed :slight_smile:

It’s 4w in 53x15 which is a pretty normal riding gear between big and small chainring.

It is not just about developing the actual rim brakes…you need a separate rim-brake brifter as well. So if you are gonna develop / refine the brifter, you can tweak the caliper as well w/o too much effort (even if it is largely cosmetic).

So why did you choose a graph comparing 1x with 2x and not a graph focusing on chairing sizes of similar systems ?
Also, it‘s not even AXS, it is Force 1

Ah my bad, it’s early and read things out of context. I missed that the discussion was between a 53 and a 50t. Sorry.

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As far as calipers go I hope they make this look a bit more sleek, stands out like a sore thumb on an otherwise very attractive caliper IMO.

You think hydraulic rim brakes so they just have mechanical and di2 shifting, or cable rim brakes so they’d need 4 different shifter models?

Positive to see the BMC running DT180 hubs, which I’d guess means that 12 speed will fit onto existing DT180/240/350 hubs rather than only onto some new shimano hub the first year.

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For everyone willing to discuss power efficiency of drive trains and chain rings:

Normal cable rim brakes

This was posted on the WW forum by a supposed Shimano Employee/ Insider.

Also, the countdown tonight apparently will not reveal much/ anything.

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55/40 and a 12x 10-32 might become my go to for anything but Alps. Sounds really awesome.


misunderstood my LBS (deleted my org comment)

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I think Shimano announces something tomorrow? We probably know more then.

Where is that information from? I have heard many „this week, there is something“ and many of these weeks have passed eventless.

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I have the new Ultegra groupset ordered on my LBS.
Total price is around the 2300€ mark.
What my LBS told me after attending a virtual conference with shimano representatives:
12 speed
Semi wireless, meaning only the RD has a wire
52/36 most likely
No powermeter

Atm, no ETA on when they will receive the groupset and they had a limited amount they could order from shimano at this point. I believe they could only order around 4 or 5 DA groupsets and about 2 or 3 Ultegra’s…


If only I could break this code…

You mind letting me now the name of your shop? I’m interested in ordering a groupset aswell.