Shimano dual control lever

Lost a screw on the ride this weekend, it is this one:

and removing the silver cover it looks like this:

This is my bike and assuming I’ve got Ultegra ST-6800 pulled up dealer’s manual from here: ST-6800 | SHIMANO BIKE-EU

and quickly scanning didn’t find any info on replacement. I’ve got a call into local bike shop… should I just remove the other screw and go to LBS or hardware store for replacement?

LBS is on the case, and I’m left wondering who they ask for an answer and spare part. Shimano? Trek? A top-secret service manual only available to bike shops?


right you are, which takes me here… SHIMANO Hydraulic Disc Brake DUAL CONTROL LEVER 2x11-speed | SHIMANO BIKE-EU

going old school… removing the screw from right side and taking to the shop to see if it matches one from an older dura ace lever they have in a parts bin.

The screw appears to be for the (plastic) nameplate, which curiously has nothing written on it.

Shimano has exploded diagrams and small parts lists on their website in the service information for most components. I have them for everything I have. So, when I need a part I just look up the part number and call my bike shop. I usually have it in a few days.

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thanks!!! found it and part number for name plate screw

I also keep pdfs but didn’t have it for the brake/shifting levers… Wish I did because bike shop didn’t have the flat head screw I needed in spare parts. And somewhat like in My Cousin Vinny “the shop was sick” and the mechanic kept coughing on me :mask: - not what I need with my recent string of bad luck.

Slides out pretty easy, so I’m going to try the hardware store first.