Parts list/link?

I recently picked up a 2018 Cervelo P3 and I need to do some work on it. Anyone have a link to a parts list or part numbers for things like brake/derailleur cables? I reached out to Shimano and their response was basically @find a dealer and buy from them” but I’d rather not use my LBS for this one.

There are not going to be specific part numbers for cables on this bike or any bike. This is actually the perfect thing to walk into your lbs to get, just ask for cables for a road bike and they’ll probably have bulk Shimano (fine) or something like individual jag wire ones, possibly individual Shimano. They will also very likely have bulk housing and can cut you off the lengths you need with the proper tools and put some ferrules on.


Fair point. I was thinking Shimano would have kits for brakes and shifters but I guess not.

But there is no chance that is what the manufacture used since they buy those items separately in bulk. Regardless of what they use, there are many options (price points and quality) from Shimano and others that will all work fine. Unless we start talking about more specific stuff like electronic shifting or maybe disc brakes, there is no-one that gives users specific info on cables to use.


Thanks Chad. I guess after years of dropping my bikes at the lbs and paying $$ I’m now trying to learn how to do this stuff myself and now that I’ve asked the question it sounds pretty dumb even to me.

Also you just gave another reason for me to swap this bike to Di2! lol

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Not a dumb question, really. Depending on what someone has for prior experience, I could see expecting a 1:1 sheet with all parts spec’d for replacement. Sort of like there is for cars in many instances. There are definitely some parts and even more now with the expansion of proprietary parts.

But these are more like swapping fluids on a car where there are a range of general options that fit the bill. You can definitely find cheap and expensive levels for housing and cables. I tend to buy somewhere in the middle like I do for most of my cycling gear.


Yeah that’s a really good point I guess I was hoping it was more like if you have X bike here are Y part numbers that would work But you’re right there’s way too many options for it to be that simple.

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What you’re looking for might exist for things like der. hanger and small frame parts specific to your frame. Such as little rubber grommets, proprietary hardware or bearings. Check the cervelo site for a bike archive or something similar.

As mentioned, regarding things like drivetrain groupset/brakes, you can go any number routes. All of which would be correct,

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I bought a Cervelo last year and had good luck contacting Cervelo directly through their “Contact Us” email and getting precise technical answers from a real human - axle lengths, torque specs etc.