Desperate to find 105 hydraulic shifters

I live in France, and I really need to change my shifters after a crash, but I can’t find shimano 105 R70** hydraulic shifters, can someone please help me…
I’m desperate and need them really fast but it takes 6months for my lbs to receive those.
105 price seems inflated so if you can find Ultegra cheaper I’m fine with it.

I’m gonna keep searching on my own, but I’m scared to order wrong shifters since sometimes websites don’t say if it’s hydraulic or not.

Bike :
2019 Cannondale CAAD12 105 hydraulic disc brakes

Maybe here?

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thanks for the reply

there’s a set there, it’s still the right levers right ?

if you don’t need the calipers…

those are Mechanical
but I ordered the set from bike 24, thanks for the reply though

should i delete the topic ?

Thought they had both options. Were you able to get what you needed?

I think so yeah, i got the brake calipers too but I needed to change those anyway so it’s fine

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