Any idea where this screw came from 🙃 *Solved*

As title really.

Has anyone got any idea at all where this screw might have come from?

I was doing some maintenance on my bike and this small screw fell to the floor as I turned my bike upside down. I cant for the life of me think where it could have come from.

I was removing my crank at the time but it doesn’t seem to be related to that.

Crankset: Rotor 3D30
Groupset: Shimano R8000
Frame: Ridley Noah SL

Any ides?

Bonus points if you can read my palm and tell me how i’m going to die - I would be especially interested if the answer was “bike accident caused by riding without critical small screw installed”



Seen a few bikes with internally routed cables, they have access hatches under the BB held in place with tiny screws.

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That was my first thought too - I looked at all the access hatches from the outside and couldn’t see anything - what just occurred to me now is that screw could have been rattling around in my frame for ages and just dropped out when my crank was removed. I’m going to have to take my crank back off and see if there is anything meant to be holding the BB hatch in place from the inside :roll_eyes:

Of course anything dropped into the frame would end up at the BB anyway - maybe some drunk begian dropped it in there when they built my bike? It looks pristine.

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Computer mount? Derailleur hanger bolt?

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Garmin are fond of these torx headed screws :thinking:

Could it possibly be the bolt for your seatpost binder?


It’s certainly not the bolt you actually torque up, it’s too small, but I can’t remember if the stopper design has any other screws that keep it together when it’s not fitted.

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Lol, I was going to say a chain ring bolt until I saw the zoomed out picture and saw how tiny it was :rofl: I think I have seen small Torx head screws like that in electronic devices like computers or lights and I think I’ve saw some tiny like that to retain the brake spring or something.

SRAM/Zipp also love those Torx bolts

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agree with HMG - I had some zipp aero bars and they all had torx bolts like that - even the small bits were torx

It might help to have a full picture of your bike, but this looks like it could be a seat clamp bolt. The non-threaded section looks like it slips through a bracket and has a bolt on the back side for adjusting tilt.

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The correct answer is: you should never turn your bike upside down for repairs. Rule #49 innit.

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Surprised you’re the first to mention that :slightly_smiling_face:

Seat clamp similar to this:

Seatpost clamp is this one:

The seat clamp is all held together with the one big bolt and explodes into loads of parts whenever you want to adjust the seat - don’t think it’s that.

The seatpost clamp I’m not sure about - the bolt you torque up is obviously much bigger but I’m wondering now if there is another small bolt involved somewhere :thinking:

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My SRAM brake calipers use Torx screws…


Best guess would be the brake centering adjustment bolt.


mimod, i do not want you ready my palm and telling me about my future. YIKES!!! Made me smile and i needed that big time.

I’m glad news of my death amused you.


I was wanting to click on like but liking news of someones death didn’t seem right to me. Lol, I think we need emotive replies in addition to a simple like :joy:

  1. No sign of a loctite band on it (maybe suggests plastic is involved)
  2. Has a shank (maybe suggests plastic is involved)
  3. Looks long compared to the diameter

I’d guess it’s a fixing for something plastic onto a non moving part.

But could it be out of a bar end cap?