Sram red axs HRD shifter - where can I find one?

Hi everyone,

Reaching out to the community here out of pure desperation. :frowning:

I recently crashed my brand new emonda, the handlebar and the left shifter shattered into pieces. Luckily my left elbow/knee/hip shielded my baby very well, the LBS said the frame and everything else is damage free.

I now have to replace the left Sram red axs hrd shifter. My LBS said the distributor’s ETA is Jun 2022!!! Another LBS offered me a heavily scratched one for a premium price. And I cannot find anything on eBay. The riding season is so short in the toronto area. The thought of me not riding outside this season is killing me.

Does anyone here have any ideas/leads that I can source the shifter to get back on the road again?

Thank you!

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While I can’t help you, you do have my sympathy. Seems like ETAs for parts have been pushed back even further. When I ordered my new bike in January, I originally wanted a Red crank. But I did not want to wait until June at least (6 months after placing the order), so I “only” have Force.

Perhaps you can look for a Force lever in the meantime?

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Yup…my advice is to find whatever brifter you can find and go with it for now. The diaphragm in my left Ultegra shifter blew last weekend and I had to go with a GRX left as it was the only thing I could find. Levers are totally mismatched, but at least I can ride for now.

Scrounge every mail order place you can think of, call every shop in the area, get creative…finding high end bike parts is tough.


I’m not sure if a force shifter is compatible with Red. That would be an ok option. Anything to get riding outside again!

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All of the AXS stuff is a mix and match deal, you can literally pair different shifters to even mtb derailleurs


Oh, so you have 11-speed Red, not 12-speed Red eTap AXS? I am quite sure the hydraulic brakes are compatible, but I am not sure whether electronic shifting will work. Good catch. Perhaps you can reach out to SRAM and ask them.

OP said brand new emonda which I would assume is the 2x12 AXS so yes, they could probably even go down to the new lower level AXS shifter from the Rival group

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Sorry I should’ve clarified. I have the latest 12spd Red axs hydraulic disc brake groupset.

I called every LBS near me and no one has anything in stock…

Great suggestions on using the force/rival shifter. Just checked the compatibility document and it should work. Now I have a wider range of parts to hunt down.


Total bodge, but just wondering if you can program it so the right-hand shifter does all the shifting? Then you’d only need to find a hydraulic brake left, but it could even be mechanical as you wouldn’t use the shifting bit.

I know Shimano could do that if you just turned on the full Synchro Shift feature and the front ring would shift on its own and you could operate just the rear using one shifter. Not sure how SRAM would work in that regard.

I assume the shimano di2 shifters have 2 ‘actions’ like the mechanical ones. The Sram ones only has 1 ‘action’, it’s literally just one click button. So I will need both shifters to shift the RD up and down. I looked into the Sram app to see if i can configure a ‘long hold’ action…no such thing!

Yea Shimano shifters have 2 buttons on the side but also one additional on the top. I think being able to use the Red/Force/Rival should open you up to more choices and aside from weight I believe they function the same. The Rival may lack some brake adjustment stuff that the higher end ones can do (I don’t know this but just assume since it’s common for Sram MTB brakes to omit features like reach and contact point adjustment in the lower tiers)

They are so similar that during the pandemic I remember someone here ordered a bike with Force and due to stock issues at the supplier ended up getting one shifter Red and one Force, and the front/rear calipers were also a mix of the two.

Yeah, I never understood why they did that. Especially because their mechanical “double tap” already has a way of shifting both directions with one paddle. Then, when they came out with electronic shifting, you suddenly had to use both shifters for the same thing.

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Quick google search didn’t turn up much. This was probably the best option I found in 5 min.

Force Lever and Caliper but its currently backordered with an expected arrival date of Jul 5, so not too far away.

Monday would be super! Thank you so much guys!

If you really get desperate, I think you could

  1. Buy a regular mechanical hydro lever and only attach the brakes;

  2. Buy an Eagle AXS controller and clamp it somewhere on your bar;

  3. Pair the controller with the rear derailleur, and use that to shift the rear up and down.

This is literally the worst idea ever and I am sorry to be presenting it. :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure this would work. You could shift the RD in both directions on the right and one direction on the left. I don’t think you’d be able to program the right shifter to work the FD (thanks SRAM!!), so you’d be stuck with a 1x drivetrain. But at least you’d have two working brakes and one working derailleur!!

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Can you get sprint shifter buttons for sram?

Thank you for everyone’s input on this!!! I really appreciate it, and will make it a point to contribute back to the community/forum the best I can, instead of lurking around like past 2yrs.

The crisis is now resolved as one of the LBS was willing to break up their AXS RED groupset and just sold me the 2 shifters. It was my lucky day! :slight_smile:


Wow. That is one hell of a shop, give them your business!