Need help with bottom bracket

I am switching from a shimano 105 crankset on my felt AR5 to sram red crankset. I know I need a BB30 threaded bottom bracket to convert. Anyone have recommendations on what to by that the most economical?

Get a thread together bottom bracket for a BB30 shell. Something like this should work:

Or if you already have thread together cups, you could just get the appropriate bearings for the SRAM crank ā€“ those should be 2437 for the drive side:

And 22x37x8 for the non-drive side:

If Iā€™m not mistaken, you should be able to just knock the old bearings out of the cups and press those in ā€“ Iā€™d check with Wheels MFG or someone like that to be 100% sure though.

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